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    E-Verify Critical 8 Million Illegal Aliens Hold U.S. Jobs

    E-Verify Efforts In States Are Even More Critical As Pew Study Reveals 8 Million Illegal Aliens Still Hold U.S. Jobs

    All federal and state enforcement efforts against illegal immigration the last year failed to reduce the number of illegal aliens holding U.S. jobs and keeping unemployed Americans from having them, according to a Pew Hispanic Center study released this week. ... 4574&lid=9

    In the few states that have seriously implemented their own mandatory E-Verify laws, ... 4574&lid=9 the number of illegal aliens has declined. But the annual count of illegal aliens by Pew indicated that the illegal foreign workers are mainly moving to lax-enforcement states and taking jobs there. Thus, the number of jobs held nationally by illegal aliens remained steady at 8 million.

    The answer, of course, is to make E-Verify mandatory nationally (through Congress) or greatly increase the number of states doing so. But time is running out in several states as their short legislature session head to a close for the year.

    Yesterday, a Kentucky House committee ... 4574&lid=9 approved a mandatory E-Verify bill, but there's still a lot of work to be done in the Bluegrass State and many other states across the country. ... 4574&lid=9

    Continue to check your Action Board for new and updated state level faxes and phone notes and make sure you've faxed your Three Members of Congress, urging them to pass a mandatory E-Verify bill this year.

    Roy's newest blog highlights his Politico op-ed that ran on Thursday, which demonstrates how mandatory E-Verify for all employers would fit in perfectly with the Obama Administration's current "soft-enforcement" approach and free up millions of jobs for unemployed Americans. ... 4574&lid=9

    GUMBALLS APPROACHES 1 MILLION: In less than 4 months, Roy's updated Immigration Gumballs video is just 30,000 views short of reaching the 1 Million views benchmark on YouTube. ... PjzfGChGlE

    This important video tests the humanitarian reasons for current U.S. immigration policy, and should be viewed by all Americans, especially those concerned with helping the world's impoverished nations.

    Please help us reach this important milestone by sharing the video with your friends and family and also clicking the "thumbs-up" button on YouTube to promote the video.

    Chris Chmielenski
    Website Content Manager

    received by e-mail from NumbersUSA on Fri, Feb 4, 2011 2:07 pm.
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    Kentucky passed SB3 yesterday which means nothing and is weak at best
    E-verify for state and federal contracts, which yeah is something but it's the private sector that is doing all the hiring of illegals, at least they are still talking about SB6 Please call this toll free number and tell them you support SB6 1 800 372 7181
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    Part of the problem is that those who overstayed visas have businesses and hire other illegals. I see that alot with the South Americans especially Colombians who had temporary protected status years ago and never left when their visas expired.
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