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    FAIR Important : Step by Step Instructions for TODAY

    From: FAIR
    Date: 2006/03/21 Tue AM 07:00:05 EST
    Subject: Save the American Worker Week Continues - Act Today March 21st

    Step-By-Step Instructions for Participating in FAIR's "Living Room Lobby" Program March 21st, 2006
    The House and Senate are in recess for Saint Patrick's Day the entire week of March 20-25. That's why FAIR has selected this week as Save the American Worker Week. The full Senate is scheduled to debate immigration legislation beginning on March 27. At this point, most Senators favor an unlimited guest worker amnesty program. This week is your opportunity as constituents and voters to change their minds.

    If approved, this program will result in displaced American workers as the wages paid for jobs in virtually every sector of the economy will decline as employers of cheap foreign labor scramble to cash in on the opportunity to cut labor costs at the expense of the American middle class.

    If you will spend just a few minutes each day of the week of March 20, you can help win the day and save the American worker.

    Tuesday, March 21st
    Today please send three emails and make two phone calls.

    Send a ready-made email message to both of your Senators.
    You can identify your Senators at this link. From the same link you can select any one of several prepared email messages and send an email to each of your Senators. Send a different message to both your Senators each day of the week.
    By all means feel free to use your own words or come up with your own message to send to your Senators.
    Review talking points on guest worker amnesty (PDF document).
    Once you have sent today's email message to each of your Senators, go to this link to review tips on contacting your Senator's office as well as the talking points (PDF) for when you call the state offices of each of your Senators.
    Call the state office(s) of each Senator
    Go to this link to find the telephone numbers for the state offices of both of your Senators.
    Many Senators have more than one state office, but don't be confused. Call just one of the state offices of each of your Senators today.
    When calling, be sure to tell them you are a constituent and ask to speak to the Senator, state director or assistant state director.
    Using the talking points, tell them why you think the Senator should oppose guest worker amnesty.
    Make an appointment with your Senators or their senior staff while they are home for the recess.
    If you can't get an appointment, try to get a commitment on how the Senator will vote.
    (use the talking points above)
    Make an appointment with your Senators or their senior state employees.
    Try to make an appointment to speak with each of your Senators or their senior staff during the Saint Patrick's Day recess.
    If you get an appointment, try to put together a group of between 3-5 people to join you at the appointment.
    Be sure all who attend the appointment are prepared with what they will say in opposition to a Senate guest worker amnesty program (use the talking points above).
    After your appointment call or email us to report what you found out and how they plan to vote.
    Call participating talk radio programs and tell them what you learned
    Go to this link to see if there are any radio hosts in your area who are participating in this campaign.
    If so, call them and let them know what the Senator or his/her staff told you about how they plan to vote on guest worker amnesty.
    If the Senator or his/her staff were disrespectful or abusive in any way, report that to participating radio talk show hosts as well.
    Send a ready-made email to spread the word about this campaign
    Go to this link to view an email you can use to spread the word about this campaign to your friends and like-minded colleagues.
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