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    FAIR Ten Minutes ?

    From: FAIR
    Date: 2006/03/10 Fri PM 06:10:58 EST
    Subject: Can You Spare 10 Minutes to Help Save the American Worker?

    Can You Spare 10 Minutes to Help Save the American Worker?

    Senate Judiciary Committee to Complete Action on Guest Worker Amnesty Next Week
    Next week the Senate Judiciary Committee will meet on Wednesday and Thursday to complete work on an immigration proposal put forward by Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA). As you know, the bill is expected to contain a massive amnesty that will ultimately grant citizenship to illegal aliens. Making matters worse the bill will also contain an unlimited guest worker program that will threaten American workers in virtually every sector of the U.S. economy. The following week the Senate will be in recess, and the week after that the full Senate will debate the legislation. As you can see, time to put a stop to this nonsense is running short.

    Join the “Living Room Lobby” to Kill Senate Guest Worker Amnesty Program
    FAIR is launching a weeklong “Living Room Lobby” effort for activists, members, volunteers and radio talk show listeners around the country. The program will target the week of March 20 when members of the Senate are home for the Saint Patrick’s Day recess. When the full Senate takes up immigration legislation the week of March 27, they need to have been sufficiently chastened by their constituents to vote no on guest worker amnesty. This program is intended to do just that; to show Senators that their constituents back home will not tolerate votes for a middle class-wrecking, homeland security-compromising guest worker amnesty program.

    It’s Easy to Participate
    To be a part of this program and help kill the Senate guest worker and amnesty proposals, all you will need to do is link to Late next week we will have all the tools you need available at this website. Once posted, you will find the following:

    Clear step-by-step instructions to make your voice heard in the strongest possible terms.

    Different messages you can fax and email to your Senators each day of the week of March 20.
    Detailed talking points for use while making calls to the state offices of U.S. Senators.
    Addresses and phone numbers to use when calling or visiting your Senators at their state offices.
    A ready made email recruiting tool to help you connect with others in virally spreading the word about this campaign.
    Radio Talk Shows Across the Nation Will Back Your Efforts by Talking Immigration Reform and Asking Their Listeners to Call Their Senators
    This will be a nationwide, full court press carried out in unison with radio talk show hosts from around the country who have agreed to support this campaign. They will devote the week to talking with listeners and experts about the dangers of amnesty and unlimited guest workers. Participating radio programs, some of them nationally syndicated, will urge their listeners to call, fax, email, and visit their Senators to let them know the voters are watching them. You can have a look at the radio shows that have already joined the effort by going to, but remember this is just a partial listing as new radio programs are added to the list every day.
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