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    Fax & Express Disbelief with Pro-Globalist, Anti-America

    Fax & Express Disbelief with Pro-Globalist, Anti-American Worker Senate Testimony

    This new fax has been posted in your Action Buffet based on your answers to the Interest Survey.

    You can find this fax by proceeding to ttp://

    Last week, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the lack of worksite enforcement to arrest illegal workers. The Democrats, as the minority part in the House, were allowed one witness. Instead of inviting someone who actually wanted to help unemployed Americans find jobs, they invited an individual who wants to let more foreign workers take U.S. jobs. Below is Roy's blog on this issue (Roy expressed his incredulity and outrage on the Democrat's witness choice so well that no summarization or truncation could do it justice). After reading the blog, please send a fax to your U.S. Representative and express your outrage and anger at their choosing the CATO Institute's pro-open borders, anti-American worker Daniel Griswold to testify before the committee.

    Roy's blog is below:

    Globalist Libertarian Advice (SOLICITED BY DEMOCRATS): Supply of American Workers Is Shrinking; Let The Illegal Workers Stay

    Have House Democrats totally lost their soul?

    I think they really do care about the 24 million Americans who can't find a full-time job. But at a hearing this week about the lack of worksite enforcement to arrest illegal workers, the Democrats invited as their key witness an "expert" who apparently thinks we're about to run out of U.S. workers. ... 4574&lid=9

    And why are the Democrats going with a globalist libertarian?

    Here's what newspapers are reporting that the Democrats' key witness had to say about the millions of illegal aliens holding U.S. jobs:

    It is simple supply and demand. We have demand for these workers and the supply of American workers to fill these jobs is shrinking."

    -- Daniel Griswold, director of the Center for Trade Policy Studies at the Cato Institute

    I know that many of you are libertarians, and I mean no disrespect to your worldview by talking about the "globalist libertarianism" spouted by the Cato Institute. Your form of libertarianism believes in national community, national self-governance and in a sense of responsibility to our fellow Americans. ... 4574&lid=9

    Globalist libertarianism tends to want to push all American workers into a to-the-death competition with all the workers of the world for job and wage.

    To Griswold, it makes no sense to be arresting and deporting illegal foreign workers since those illegal workers obviously wouldn't be here or be holding jobs if the economy didn't need them. ... 4574&lid=9

    It is easy in his ideology to overlook the 24 million "U-6 unemployed" Americans and assume if they had what it takes they would have a job. ... 4574&lid=9

    But that is not the Democratic ideology. Democrats often call for trade protections for U.S. workers because they don't believe it fair to force them to give up their standard of living because of a total surrender to globalism.

    Do the Democrats who invited their Globalist Libertarian witness really believe that we have 7 million illegal foreign workers in the country because there aren't 7 million among the 24 million unemployed Americans who would like to have those jobs in construction, service, manufacturing and transportation?

    My response to Mr. Griswold is that, "Yes, it IS a matter of supply and demand. With 24 million Americans wanting a full-time job but unable to find one, this country clearly has an OVER-supply of workers and does not need one single illegal alien worker to stay or to import one single additional legal foreign worker."

    ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

    received by e-mail from Numbers USA on Mon, Jan 31, 2011 10:33 pm

    Numbers USA
    1601 N. Kent Street
    Suite 1100
    Arlington, VA 22209
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Can't send it based on my state. Sucks imo as its MN and we have some nutcases as well.

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    Please Help Here Today: Flashpoint in New Mexico

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