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    FLIMEN A Message From FLIMEN President

    From: "FLIMEN" <> Add to Address Book
    Date: 2006/06/08 Thu PM 01:46:51 EDT
    Subject: A Message from FLIMEN President

    Floridians for Immigration Enforcement

    A Message from FLIMEN President

    The only good news to come out of the Senate?s bill is that debate has been expanded. Those of us, who have educated ourselves on our broken immigration system, know that the American people have been intimidated in speaking out because they were called racist, bigots and anti-immigrant. No one in American wants to be thought of as racist.

    And the media continue to lump us all into one monolithic group. As we all know, we are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Hispanic, Black, White, Citizens and Legal Residents and we come to this debate from many different reasons. Concerns about Homeland Security, population growth and limited resources, crisis in our K through 12 education systems, the Rule of Law or the burden being placed on our social services, many different concerns brought us to this debate. We know that we must speak out and help others do the same.

    One of the big selling points of the Senate?s Amnesty is bringing people out of the shadows and paying taxes. Of course, they forgot to tell the American people that low-income people pay little or no taxes. According to the Tax Foundation, roughly 91 million people will not pay any income tax this year because of the Earned Income Tax Credit. Another 15 million won't have to file because they make under $7,500/yr. That means 121 million people are outside of the federal tax systems or 41% our entire population. 59% of taxpayers are carrying the weight of 100% of our people.

    Google earned income tax credit and you find the IRS site ... 06,00.html. Click on employers and you quickly see that employers are encouraged to help their low income workers make this deduction so they are not paying in too much in tax. The earned income credit states it helps mitigate the impact of the Social Security tax on low income earners. Wal-Mart got a lot of flak for paying low wages and then showing their employees how to apply for government assistance, but this is just the beginning. Corporate Socialism is the name of this game.

    The most important thing we can do right now is contact our representatives and ask them to stand firm with enforcement first. The Speaker of the House and the minority and majority leaders must here loud and clear that Amnesty and additional guest worker visas will forever mean we will have no control over immigration.

    Find out when your rep has a town hall meeting and go. If they do not have one, ask for a personal meeting. I just got a meeting with my rep. They need to know that we need the border secured with a fence and our existing employment verification program made mandatory before any amnesty or additional guest worker visas are considered, but we also must return to nuclear family reunification eliminating chain migration, eliminate the Visa Lottery, fully implement the entry/exit visa program and stop funding the ethnic advocacy groups such as La Raza.

    The open borders and amnesty demonstrations opened the eyes of many Americans. When you see people not here legally demanding rights, you start to see just how far the tentacles of illegal and mass legal immigration have been woven into our country.

    Let?s help others make that call to their rep.

    Remember, one person can make a difference...and that person is you!


    Marsha, FLIMEN President,
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    Does FLIMEN work in Central Florida ?
    So far , they have not returned my e-mail . I will check tomorrow
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    Quote Originally Posted by hope2006
    Does FLIMEN work in Central Florida ?
    So far , they have not returned my e-mail . I will check tomorrow
    Yes, you should be able to find out on their site.
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