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Date: 2006/04/02 Sun PM 08:48:10 EDT
Subject: Monday: visit your local Senator and Representative offices

Floridians for Immigration Enforcement

FLIMEN alert: Monday: visit your local Senator and Representative offices

Folks: people across the country are planning to visit their local Senator and Representative offices.

When: Tomorrow, Monday, April 3, 2006!
Any time between 9am to 5pm, even lunch hour.

Be a part of the mobilization for Monday and go to one or
more of those offices to make your voice heard.

Monday's office visits will be peaceful and non-threatening to you,
but they will deliver a major political threat to the Senators back
in Washington.

Not only is this a quick response to the illegal-alien marches, but
it applies pressure where it is most needed -- on Senators, who will
be voting all week on whether to grant an amnesty to illegal aliens
and whether to double the level of foreign worker importation for all
occupations in the U.S.

Very few people ever go to these local offices -- especially to give
our side on immigration -- leaving Senators' local staffers assuming
that you don't care that much about the issue.

Of course, you can have the best time of it if you get a group of folks,
or at least a friend, to go along with you.

But that isn't necessary. Just go to an office on your own and you
are sure to run into somebody else who is pushing for the same thing
you are.

Look for other people carrying hand-outs or wearing name tags and signs
that are from our side.

1. Look up the addresses of the offices

All of your own Senators' offices' addresses and phone numbers can
be seen at:

A few people had trouble with that link on Friday. If you need another
link, go to our regular directory:

Find your directions to that office at any on-line mapping site, such

When the full Senate comes back together Monday morning to decide which
of several disastrous immigration increases and amnesties they prefer,
let them be hearing from back home that their state offices are full
of Americans wanting their views and their lives and their futures
to be represented.

You don't have to turn out 100,000 people in the streets of Chicago
and 500,000 people in the streets of L.A. to create a very strong counter
image for the Senators. Unlike most of the illegal-alien supporters
who took to the street, you are a citizen, you vote and you represent
the majority of voters.

2. 'What if no Senate office in my area?'

The majority of you live in a metropolitan area with an office for
at least one of your two Senators.

But of those of you who don't, most of you have an office of a U.S.
Representative within an hour of where you live.

Use the same links above to find the addresses of your Representative's

Whatever the Senate decides to pass, it will go back to the U.S. House
of Representatives. So, it is very important that you be working on
your Representative now to understand the importance of holding the
line against adding any amnesties or immigration increases to the House's
enforcement bill.

You can also encourage your Representative to put pressure on the state's
two Senators to vote right this week.

3. Print and take Immigration Grade Cards with you

Nothing will make your visit to the offices easier than carrying in
a copy of that Senator's Immigration Grade Card.

Go to:

Click on your state's delegation and then go to each Senator's grade
page to print out.

Print several.

On one, use a pen to write a note on front and back giving your opinion
about the grade.

Staple a business card to the Grade Card or write your name and address
on it. Be sure to sign your name, too.

If the Grade is a C, D or F, you may want to pass out the Grade Cards
to people you see on the way to the offices.

Bring some tape along (preferably masking tape) to tape copies of the
Grade Card inside restrooms (make sure you won't mar any surfaces),
on waterfountains, to doors and counters.

If there happen to be a lot of people at the office, the Grade Cards
can make something nice to wave over your head.

If you end up being at the office at a time when nobody -- or very
few others -- are there, you can hand the Grade Card to a staffer and
talk about your disappointment in past actions and your strong hope
that the Senator -- having voted for cheap-labor corporations and illegal
foreign workers so much in the past -- will vote for the interests
of his/her American constituents this week.

If your Senator's Grade is an A or B, you will want to express your
great thanks to the staffers and in writing on the Grade Cards.

But you will still want to ensure that the staffers understand specifically
what you want from the votes this week.

4. Before you leave for the Senator's office, check this web page on
the Battle in the Senate -- and print out articles and talking points
you want to use during your visit

Bookmark this address to use until the Senate is finished with its

This page is your nerve center for the Battle in the Senate.

It keeps track of all significant votes, roll calls, amendments acted
upon and proposed. It has links to explain legislation and to key articles
that you can use to inform your own communications with Senate offices.

And it provides a summary of where we stand at this moment.

You can always get to this page from the Home page with the link in
the Hot Topics center section.

You may want to print that whole page to take with you.

More importantly, you may want to click on some of the links to articles
on that page and print the ones that provide you with the information
you most want to stress while at the office -- if given a chance to
say anything.

You will also see some links to pages with talking points. You can
print the ones on the angles about which you care the most.

You should feel no pressure or butterflies about going tomorrow.

You are a U.S. citizen.

You are a constituent of the Senator.

The Senator's office belongs to the people of your state (I'm sure
the Senator has often said this).

You are engaged in one of the most valid and sacred activities of being
a citizen of the U.S. -- you are dropping by to talk to your elected
Senators' representatives about your concerns and your requests.

You don't have to be prepared as if you were going on TV or the radio.

Then, hang around the office as long as you can to build up the critical
mass of people on our side -- and to be there to give support to the
next citizens who arrive to express their views about having a sane
immigration policy.

You will be going as an individual American citizen to provide the
Senator's staff with a real face of a real American who would be harmed
by increases in immigration and by an amnesty for illegal aliens.

If you are the only person there at the time you arrive, you will have
a significant effect by your polite but firm conversation with staff
about your opinions about the Senate immigration actions.

But why don't you call enough friends so you know there will be several
of you who can talk as a group.

We hope that in most Senate offices there will be dozens of you (maybe
hundreds, if you step up to the plate).

The point is to let Senate staffers see some of the real people behind
polls showing such overwhelming opposition to increases in immigration.

Thanks for all you have done this week. Each individual can have an
effect -- but working with so many others can have a dramatic effect.

We believe that your tremendous outcry is part of the reason that the
Senate is still stalled.


This message adapted from an original courtesy of Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (CAIR)


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Sunday, April 2, 2006