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    Grassfire announcement

    President Bush's national address last night is a
    clear sign of one thing:

    The Senate amnesty vote is imminent!

    Clearly the President and Senate leadership are working
    together to push the amnesty bill through the Senate
    before the Memorial Day recess. The President's speech
    was designed to give the Senate political "cover" to
    rush the vote and pass the bill.

    The only thing that can de-rail amnesty in the Senate
    is a massive grassroots uprising. That's why Ron De Jong
    and I are going to deliver petitions to the U.S. Senate
    BEFORE the amnesty vote!

    We want to deliver a half-million petitions, but it can
    only happen if citizens take a stand in a dramatic way.
    Right now, we are at about 280,000. We have a long way
    to go, but a flood of 500,000 petitions would really
    send a message to the Senate!

    + + Three ways you can help

    Car& Barbara, you have already signed our petition. Now,
    I need your help as we re-launch our petition and push
    to send a message to the Senate immediately.

    Would you consider making it your personal goal to rally
    five additional people to sign the petition to Stop The
    Invasion? Three ways you can help:

    #1 -- Forward this message to your friends and ask them
    to sign by going here:

    #2 -- Sign up other adults in your household (spouse, etc). We
    just added this feature to the petition. Go here and re-sign
    and add other adults in your household and we'll count them
    in the petition:

    #3 -- PRINT OFF the petition and get friends, family,
    neighbors to sign the petition to Stop The Invasion! This
    also is a new feature, implemented to help us rally 500,000
    citizens before the vote! Click here:

    That's three ways you can help spread the word -- email your
    friends right now, sign up other adults in your household,
    and complete the printable petition.

    The Senate WILL PASS AMNESTY unless citizens respond with
    a massive show of pressure that says "Stop The Invasion"!

    + + "Stop Invasion" billboard campaign expanding

    Finally, as you may know, I was in Dallas last week to
    formally launch our "Stop The Invasion" billboard campaign,
    which is expanding very rapidly.

    Tomorrow, I will be in Atlanta to debut our new billboard
    there and then I'm on to South Florida Thursday for our
    billboard in Miami. By June 1, we expect to have as many
    as seven billboards up in five states, with more coming!
    (If you have not heard my interview with Alan Colmes on
    this issue, go here:

    Most importantly, right now I need your help to reach 500,000
    citizen petitions to "Stop The Invasion." Thanks in advance
    for your help!

    Steve Elliott, President Alliance
    Do not vote for Party this year, vote for America and American workers!

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    Seattle, WA. area!



    Done. Signed. Emailed. Printing right now.
    TIME'S UP!
    Why should <u>only</u> AMERICAN CITIZENS and LEGAL immigrants, have to obey the law?!

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    was Georgia - now Arizona

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    You got it. Done!

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    was Georgia - now Arizona
    I also forwarded the petition to everyone in my address book along with this letter. Feel free to use all or part of it when forwarding to yours.


    I believe that we are at a crossroads in this country regarding illegal immigration. If we don't act now to reverse this situation, the country we love may not be recognizable to your grandchildren. The Hagel-Martinez bill will allow somewhere between 100 to 200 MILLION immigrants into this country over the next 20 years. Can America survive it? I don't think so.

    I've been called many hateful names because of my belief. Racist, nativist, xenophobe and several select others that I won't repeat. I tell you all now, this has nothing to do with Mexicans. I have relatives that are Mexican. I do not hate Mexicans. What I hate are people that come to this country against our laws and expect us to bow to them and their wishes. I HATE ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    The illegal alien population in the U.S. is somewhere between 20 and 50 million. They undercut our wages, overcrowd our schools, swell our prisons, drain our social services, and reduce our standard of living. Yet our President and Senate want to give them amnesty. They want to give them citizenship. They want to give them the vote.

    In a bizarre twist, socialist Democrats and corporate Republicans find themselves in bed with each other. Talk about extremes. This can't be good for the middle. If you're in the middle, like me, it's time to rise up and fight back. It's time to make YOUR voice heard.

    Please sign this petition today and ask your friends and family to do the same. Tomorrow may be too late.

    Jeff Hermann

    P.S. There are several websites out there that I've found to be excellent resources for fighting this invasion. - - are 3 that I use on a daily basis. The most important one is ... rs_cfm.cfm
    This is where you can contact your Senators directly by phone or e-mail to let them know how you feel.

    God Bless America!

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    I bought my 4 feet of billboard space ! Petitions signed and out of here.

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