Anyone in Az interested?
Arizona |Top Two Primaries Attempt to get on ballot to change the way Primary Elections take place

A group has filed suite in court to change the way primaries are run in Arizona. I have been informed by the Arizona Project 2012 Chairman that Volunteers are needed to validate the petitions that were gathered in order to get the proposition on the ballot.

Volunteers are to report to GOP Headquarters tomorrow at 0900 hours. I was also told that one of the petition gatherers from the State of California is a Felon who was convicted of Forgery and the volunteers have to gather all of the petitions initiated by this felon in order to insure that his petitions will not count in getting the proposition on the ballot, Looks like the Obama cronies are trying to insure that he wins.

This is pure fraud because in order to get this proposition on the ballot they bussed in from California 100 paid petition gatherers. Look for this type of fraud in the other States contiguous to California.
If Your a Republican Voter in Arizona, Maricopa county

we need your help.

GOP Hq Address in Phoenix: 3501 N. 24th St.

The 9.12 Project Network