Help Save Maryland Newsletter
Help Save Maryland/Virginia Partners Stand Against "Amnesty Fiesta" on Mall
A small but dedicated group of MD and VA citizens stood strong yesterday as the illegal immigrant tide washed onto the Mall in DC for their planned "Amnesty Fiesta".

We were well received by the Media and citizens that ventured out to watch this Sodom and Gomorrah extravaganza. We conducted many TV, Newspaper and Radio interviews.

I also did a short segment on WMAL Radio(105.9 FM, 630 AM) with the Chris Plante Show this morning about our participation. See some sample media links below, including the New York Times about our Mall presence.

Aided by the White House, which suddenly seems to have discovered the 1st Amendment, the desperate AFL-CIO, the illegal immigrant heavy SEIU and other Union facilitators bused in thousands of mostly non-English speaking illegal immigrants to participate.

The Illegals were literally "Extras" while a litany of pandering politicians, misguided civil rights and religious leaders, and Marxist-Leninists promoters dominated the stage. Even Senator Menendez (D-NJ) joined the Fiesta, looking tanned, rested and ready from his last jaunt to the Dominican Republic.

As with past illegal immigrant events in DC, Spanish was the dominant language. Hordes of illegals, corralled by their Union trainers were banging drums and chanting songs. The only English I heard was "No Justice, No Peace". Just lovely.

I asked the TV reporters from Telemundo while they were interviewing us why the sponsor, CASA of Maryland, continues to promote Spanish events in their quest for citizenship? Clearly Spanish doesn't help illegals assimilate or give warm feelings to Americans at large.

Instead it feels like an invasion (which it is) rather than a honest request for compassion and a pathway to citizenship. Seems Senor Torres of CASA is still on his Che Guevara ego trip.

What really pissed me off however, was the White House blessing and supporting this Illegal Immigrant event on the Mall while Americans are banned from all monuments/parks across the nation.

It's even more disturbing for me to see National Park Rangers (non-furloughed) aiding and abetting to help this event happen while I'm furloughed from my Government job!

Extra Rangers were even called in from parks around the region to keep the illegals under control, stripping park safety officers from during their real jobs rather than babysitting illegal immigrants.

All politics by the White House and their cohorts in the Senate.

A "Pathway to Citizenship"? Not happening!

Brad Botwin, Director, Help Save 240-447-1884