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    "Hire an American Day" Rally SAN DIEGO Fri. Apr 28

    “Hire an American Day”

    Finally, OUR chance to fly OUR flag in protest against Illegal Immigrants and their employers!

    Roger Hedgecock of KOGO 600AM is sponsoring this Pro-American rally.

    Come on out and meet some of your neighbors who are actually doing something about our
    ”broken borders.”

    Free hot dogs, soda and music.

    Friday, April 28th 3-6 PM at Qualcomm parking lot
    What kind of American would sell out his own country? Ask your Senator!

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    I hope you have a huge turnout for your protest and the flying of the American flag. Good Luck to all of you!I will be watchin the news for you.
    Build the dam fence post haste!

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    Love Roger!! Wish I could make it . Hope to see it on national news!!

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