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Thread: Introducing American Children First

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    Introducing American Children First

    Hello Fellow Patriots:

    We will never have a better opportunity to achieve real immigration reform in our lifetime!

    In 2004, I founded Save Our State and together we quickly rose to national prominence as one of the most innovative, effective, and hardcore group of activists in the country.

    I believe without a shadow of doubt that were it not for grassroots groups like Save Our State, the Minuteman Project, and the Illegal Immigration Relief Act I authored (which subsequently spread to dozens of jurisdictions all across the nation), or ALIPAC, that amnesty would have passed in the summer of 2006 or 2007.

    We were "thisclose" to losing our nation forever. Now...we are "thisclose" to saving it for generations.

    But...we all need to act and act fast!

    That is why I founded American Children First.

    There is no time to rest comfortably, confident that the promises President Trump made to American patriots like us will actually be implemented. We know from experience that the Republican establishment and radical leftists will do whatever it takes to screw over the working class citizens of this great nation.

    You are being foolish if you think the fight is over. It has just begun.

    The long knives are out and it will be middle class America that loses if we allow those blades to slice through and neuter the national security and immigration policies of the Trump administration.

    Now is the time that we press our advantage -- and never before has the climate and terrain of the battlefield been more advantageous for immigration hardliners like ourselves. We hold in our hands, vigorously pulsing with our American blood, the opportunity to cement our agenda for generations to come.

    We possess the ability to build a better future for our American children. And the lasting legacy of the patriots will be immortalized in the history books. Defenders of American culture and values -- conquerors of anti-American forces on both the left and the right.

    In 2004, before we had access to things like Facebook, Twitter, Breitbart, or a president that made immigration a daily news topic, we managed to cut through the noise and acquired a national reputation in less than six months.

    Today, the political climate is much more conducive to spreading our message.

    I believe that we can strike hard, lightning fast, and once again rise together as the preeminent group of activists in the nation. In fact, I have already crafted a plan to strike out at our opposition and reshape the illegal immigration debate.

    This is my personal invitation to you. If you stepped away from illegal immigration activism for a while, please rejoin the fight. And if you have been going strong all these years, let's work together with your current group to advance our nationalist agenda.

    Warmest Regards,

    Joseph Turner

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    This sounds good, but I would like to know exactly what action is being proposed?
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    I am suspicious of any political front that focuses on children instead of their parents. If you want to help children, then help their parents and advance the cause of parenthood.
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    pkskyali I think you might be confused about the organization. What the organization is saying is the future of America's children is being stolen by illegal immigrants, refugees, and foreign workers coming here through programs like the H-1B Visa program. For example, about the government visa program, Conservative Review wrote the article "It's a trap: The high-tech myths rigging the system against your kids." You can read the article here:

    The American Children First "about" page sums it up:
    "Feckless and corrupt politicians are robbing our children of their future.Many Democrats pander to illegal aliens and the plight of refugees in the name of securing future votes for their party. Many Republicans do the bidding of big corporations and globalists in exchange for campaign cash.
    At the state and local level you have public employee unions buying off elected officials with campaign contributions in return for lavish and excessive pensions guaranteed by the taxpayer.​
    On one hand we have spent decades outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries willing to supply cheap labor. On the other we have spent decades importing millions of illegal aliens, refugees, and immigrants on visas to undercut the American worker on the jobs that remain. Then the middle and working class Americans still holding their head above water are asked to pay for an ever growing class of government employees.
    Our children's future is being stolen!
    It is time to put our American children -- the future of this great nation -- first!"
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    American Children First sounds like a very noble idea and we pray for your success!

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