JBS 'Restore Sound Money and End the Fed' Resolution

Introduced in Washington State Legislature

Click here http://capwiz.com/jbs/utr/1/AGQOJTMSTC/ ... 2886718131 to read the entire article on this topic on JBS.org.

Late in 2008, the John Birch Society (JBS) posted a model "Restore Sound Money and End the Fed" resolution for state legislatures on its website for consideration by state legislators in their 2009 sessions. This resolution includes live links to thirteen resource documents, and is available in either Word http://capwiz.com/jbs/utr/1/AGQOJTMSTC/ ... 2886718131 or PDF http://capwiz.com/jbs/utr/1/AGQOJTMSTC/ ... 2886718131 formats.

The resolution opens with eight "Whereas" paragraphs giving reasons for introducing and passing this resolution in a state legislature followed by this concluding paragraph:

Now therefore, be it resolved: by the Legislature of the State of _______, that the Congress of the United States, and particularly, the legislative delegation to Congress of the State of _________, are hereby urged and petitioned to use all of their efforts, energies and diligence to protect all the citizens of this nation from potential, unprecedented losses in the value of take-home pay, retirement income, insurance policies, and investments as a result of the Federal Reserve’s ongoing inflation of our unbacked paper money by passing legislation (such as H.R. 2756 to repeal our nation’s legal tender laws, H.R. 4683 “The Free Competition in Currency Act of 2007,