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We have seen rallies in many major cities across America in open revolt against the rule of law and insulting those who follow it. Criminal aliens and their supporters have taken to the streets demanding rights they do not have in their country of origin; this sort of massive illegal incursion would not be tolerated in any other country.

Many in Congress refuse to listen to the will of the people or follow the rule of law. They have been bought by those who would benefit the most from cheap labor, abundant narcotics and the slave trade.

Many say it is too late, the lawmakers have received their 30 pieces of silver. It is not too late to restore America?s faith in the rule of law and it is not too late to convince Congress that the American people have had enough!

We will drive across the nation from California to Washington D.C. in a Minuteman Project Caravan. We will be in Crawford, Texas to support the protest on May 6th ( and plan to roll into Washington with history?s biggest convoy on:

May 12th. We are organizing rallies and gathering protesters in the following cities:
May 3rd- Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix, AZ
May 4th- Albuquerque, NM
May 5th- Abilene, TX
May 6th- Crawford, TX
May 7th- Little Rock, AK
May 8th- Memphis, TN and Nashville, TN
May 9th- Montgomery, AL and Atlanta, GA
May 10th- Greensboro, NC
May 11th- Richmond, VA
May 12th- Washington D.C.

We need your help. Start planning now to join this historic event, the Minuteman Project Caravan. Some may only be able to journey with us a short distance, others a few states, but many will endure the thousands of miles between LA and Washington.
Those who continue on to Washington need your support. Every one can do something to change the course of history at this crucial moment. All of America will be with us when we stand on the steps of the Capitol and make our voices heard. In order to proceed with this generation defining event, we need to know within the next week that support for this event is imminent. The viability of the caravan is contingent upon this support.

Caravan updates will be sent automatically to members of the
Together, on to Washington!
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