From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
Date: Monday 3JAN2011 9 a.m. EST

Our Supreme Court challenge to Chamber of Commerce

We're Fighting For State-Mandated E-Verify At Supreme Court


The most important court case involving Arizona's anti-illegal-immigration laws is this one.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce -- with assistance from the U.S. Justice Department and the ACLU -- won the right to argue before the U.S. Supreme Court that Arizona (and any other state) should NOT be allowed to require businesses to use E-Verify to keep illegal aliens out of jobs.

The Court will decide this case in the next few weeks.

NumbersUSA filed an official amicus brief underlining why mandatory E-Verify is important to law-abiding business owners and vulnerable workers.

Read the amicus' Summary of Argument on my new blog. ... 4574&lid=9 ... -states-ma

Our amicus brief to the Court is in support of the state of Arizona's law requiring all employers to use E-Verify to keep illegal aliens from holding jobs sought by unemployed Americans.

Nothing is more central to the immigration debate in 2011 than mandatory E-Verify.

And the biggest part of the mandating effort probably will be in the states. Unfortunately, the Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Justice Department want to halt all state efforts to put unemployed Americans into jobs currently held by illegal aliens.

I want to thank all of you who responded to our appeal in the autumn for donations to hire an attorney and to pursue this case.


Congress's intent was and is to create a fair immigration policy that includes, in salient part, deterring illegal aliens by ending the lure of employment. While Congress has clearly preempted some parts of the enforcement of this immigration policy, it expressly and by implication left some to the states and individuals.

To hog-tie the State of Arizona and its businesses and citizens and keep them from seeking relief from this unfair situation by prohibiting the State of Arizona from requiring compliance with Congress's own statutes would, in fact, go against the intent of Congress to protect these legal workers and these law-abiding businesses.

Read the rest of the Preliminary Statement to the Supreme Court here. ... 4574&lid=9


NumbersUSA's position has always been that mandating E-Verify is PRO-BUSINESS, at least PRO businesses that obey the law and that honor their communities. Allowing some businesses to BREAK the law is always a case of government discrimination against the majority of businesses that are OBEYING the law.

Arizona and several other states have decided to stop the discrimination against businesses that obey the law and that hire only Americans and legally-present immigrants.

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, our efforts to help states reduce their unemployment rates will be made very, very difficult.

A victory in this case over the Chamber and the U.S. Justice Department, however, will open the door for massive new efforts to open up the jobs now held by illegal aliens.

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