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    NumbersUSA calls for immediate suspension of (virtually) all

    NumbersUSA calls for immediate suspension of (virtually) all immigration due to jobs crisis

    Posted by acorcoran on March 8, 2009

    On Friday, Roy Beck, head of NumbersUSA one of the largest immigration watch dog groups called for the Obama Administration to shut the immigration spigot so we could cope with the spiraling job loss crisis. While losing 651,000 jobs in February, immigrants continue to stream into the US.

    Nothing has changed since last year when 138,000 new foreign workers were added to the U.S. each month on average.

    Beck charges that business interests are teaming with the Democratic Administration and Democratic leaders in Congress to continue the flow.

    Following the lead of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Pres. Obama, Senate Majority Leader Reid and House Speaker Pelosi refuse to respond to the plight of unemployed American workers and consider a suspension of most immigration and foreign worker programs.

    Cut the numbers drastically.

    We at NumbersUSA have said since November that the national jobs disaster requires an immediate suspension of all immigration and temporary foreign work programs except for spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens, a controlled number of emergency refugees and a few thousand truly extraordinary skilled workers for whom no American substitute is available.

    I’m supportive of NumbersUSA’s initiative, I just wonder what that “controlled number of emergency refugees

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    Well it is about time someone did....we should write the white house , Pelosi Reid and our is time to shut this down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SOSADFORUS
    Well it is about time someone did....we should write the white house , Pelosi Reid and our is time to shut this down.
    Well, if we lived in a country who's leaders actually cared about its citizens, this would probably happen. If Eisenhower, Kennedy or Regan were President today, I believe they would do something to halt immigration at this time of crisis. Instead, our leaders have been bought out by the New World Order crowd, they no longer serve their country or its Constitution. 75% of our leaders need the boot. This country really is no more.
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    I agree if ever there was a time to put an immediate, temporary halt on all immigration it is NOW....and if OBAMA had any real courage as a leader....he'd do this....there is no justification for allowing any more "immigrants" into our nation at this point....NONE.

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