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    Obama grand jury indictmet

    I just read a post on here about an hour ago about a grand jury in Texas indicting obama on fraud and treason charges but cannot find the post now . Can anyone help me please . thanks , Hawk

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    i think this is what your talking about.
    i got it in my yahoo email earlier from one of the illegal immigration forums i am on there

    Looking to the Great State of Texas...


    Military Officers Sign on to Treason Complaint; More Citizen Grand Jury Action

    As I had reported on May 5, retired Navy Officer Walter Fitzpatrick had officially submitted paperwork to US Attorney Russell Dedrick concerning allegations of treason on the part of President Barack Hussein Obama.

    I have since been in communication with Georgia citizen grand jury foreman Carl Swensson and can confirm that two military Officers have agreed to sign on to Mr. Fitzpatrick’s complaint. One of those Officers had the following commentary regarding his sentiments:

    Mr. Fitzpatrick:

    I will gladly co-sign a letter with you calling on the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to initiate the immediate arrest and detainment of the usurper president, Barack Obama, (AKA, Barry Sotoro), Rahm Emanuel, Eric H. Holder Jr., et al; and the immediate removal of all other federal employees who were appointed by the unlawful administration of Barack Obama, alias Barry Sotoro . This action is essential in the immediate interest of US national security. Detainees will be arrested and held on the charge of treason in the time of war.

    Regarding the People’s power to gather together to aggregate evidence in the form of a presentment to the authorities to continually demand further action, Bob Campbell of posted the following update: ... r-citizens

    May 12th, 7:00 PM
    The Lone Star Grand Jury
    35 Texas Citizens
    The indictment: Fraud and Treason

    There was never a hint of indecision when this group of concerned citizens got together in Texas and decided to go to work. In their minds “the man who hates America

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    Re: Obama grand jury indictmet

    Wow Excellent... god I hope this is true.
    The more exposure the better on being able to stop Obama from ruining America.
    If Palestine puts down their guns, there will be peace.
    If Israel puts down their guns there will be no more Israel.
    Dick Morris

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    That's it , thanks Jamesw62 , Hawk

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