Obama: Illegals Get Amnesty & American Jobs!

"Forget about Americans who can't find work. If you break the law and come into this country illegally we will hand you a job on a silver platter. And if you're a criminal, that's okay too. We will welcome you with open arms!"

That's pretty much what Obama recently said. Now, illegal aliens who are awaiting deportation will be allowed to stay in the U.S. and get a work permit!


We forked over trillions of dollars in stimulus money to Obama and he couldn't even create a single real job. But now, he waves his magic wand and suddenly there are jobs available for people who don't live here legally And DO NOT pay taxes!

Over 3 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS will soon be competing for scarce American jobs.

Enough is Enough!

Obama - It's time you are held accountable to Americans - not illegals.

Obama was incensed when Congress "insulted" him and killed the DREAM Act last year. To make sure Congress never challenges his authority again, Obama and his accomplices cooked up a scheme to pass amnesty for illegals via executive fiat. On August 18th , Obama the wool over everyone's eyes and passed amnesty for illegals without the approval or knowledge of Congress.

Now, 300,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS will get the privilege of an American citizenship on our dime.

Thankfully Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) and Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) introduced the HALT Act. This piece of legislation will stop the Department of Homeland Security from moving forward with this policy. The HALT Act (H.R.2497) would prevent the Obama Administration from:

~ Granting parole for illegals who commit crimes

~ Issuing work authorizations

~ Extending voluntary departures

~ Giving illegals TPS (temporary protection status)

~ Executing deferred actions (authorizing illegals to work in the U.S).

~ Authorizing cancellation of the removal of illegal aliens

Basically, the HALT Act could put an end of to all of Obama's schemes to make illegal aliens U.S. citizens - for good. It's about time we sent Obama a strong message that we aren't going to put up with his tricks anymore. That's why I need you to bury Congress with faxes and tell them to stop Obama's amnesty scheme and support the HALT Act.

It gets even worse... Obama's sneak amnesty policy allows the "good" illegals to stay and the "bad" ones will get deported. Obama should know better, things aren't that simple. If an illegal alien commits a crime in Mexico, there is NO WAY for the U.S. to find out about it.

That means, if an illegal was a mass murderer in Mexico he could be getting the royal treatment in the U.S. - a work permit, a job, free medical care, free food... you name it. Heck, most American citizens aren't treated that well.

Thanks to Obama, now the government will have to perform a case-by-case review of over 300,000 illegals stuck in the federal court systems. Given our government's terrible record of getting things done efficiently, the process could take years. And guess who will pay for all this? You and I.

We will pay for the government drones' salaries, the attorney's fees, the medical care, the processing costs, the food and the upkeep of the prisons. You name it and we will get to foot the bill.

The S & P downgrade will seem like a slap on the wrist compared to the economic implosion Obama's stealth amnesty scam will cause.

We're encouraging illegals to come to our country to live, work and get on the government gravy train. I guess the thousands of Americans who have been assaulted or murdered by illegal aliens don't really matter. And Obama sure doesn't seem to mind putting American lives in harm's way.

This is absurd!

Obama is completely deaf to the dangerous reality Americans face outside the Beltway. Larry Link, 68, is one of the latest causalities in the war to defend our borders. In early June, he was murdered by an illegal on his own property. Unfortunately, the Larry Link tragedy isn't unique.

Across the country, illegals are committing crimes like murder, robbery and rape. Will you help us stop Obama's stealth amnesty plans? Will you help us fight for the safety of law abiding Americans across the country?

Why is Obama deliberately putting American lives and jobs at risk? Because he needs cheap labor to support his ever-growing empire of welfare recipients! Illegals with a work visa pay FICA taxes, Medicare taxes and have federal income withholding. The revenue they raise props up all our nanny-state programs!

Obama is on crusade to pass as many pieces of legislative garbage as he can before his chance is over. Granting amnesty for millions of illegals is just the beginning.

Remember, as a radical socialist, it is Obama's moral calling to fundamentally change America. The time to act is now. Will you help me demand that Congress pass the HALT Act?

If you thought you couldn't get any more ticked off, you were wrong. A new DHS memo summarized the brazen political maneuvering behind this outrage. "Done right, a combination of benefit and enforcement-related administrative measures could provide the Administration with a clear-cut political win."

That's not all...Before sneaking the DREAM Act under our noses Obama enlisted the help of ICE to execute his grand amnesty plans. On June 17th, ICE Director John Morton issued a memo encouraging ICE agents to use caution when making deportation decisions.

According to the ICE memo, an illegal can avoid deportation simply for being here illegally. So there you have it, we have full-blown amnesty!

Take a look at the list of reasons that will prevent illegals from being deported. Obama and ICE should've saved themselves a headache and just said as long they're wearing two shoes on their feet they can become U.S. citizens.

If The Illegal...

~ Came to the U.S. as a young child

~ Graduated high school, pursuing college or an advanced degree

~ Has a relative who has served in the military, reserves, or national guard

~ Are pregnant

~ Has a spouse, child or parent who is a citizen or a permanent resident

...ICE Can't Deport Them!

We cannot continue to allow Obama to destroy the integrity of our U.S. citizenship and throw away much-needed American jobs. Giving away U.S. citizenships to those who break the law and aren't even required to earn that privilege is an insult to every American!

That's why we've set up our website so that you can force them to "feel the heat" from the majority of the American people! Take action TODAY -- before 3 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS COULD TAKE AWAY 3 MILLION AMERICAN JOBS .

There's no question about it - STOPPING amnesty for illegals is critical for America's safety. We need your help to finally put an end to illegal immigration FOREVER!

Bury Congress in faxes and Phone calls. We MUST convince Congress to DEFEND OUR COUNTRY & PASS THE HALT ACT!

Be sure to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD TODAY! Thank you!

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