Dear American Patriots,

Presidential elections and congressional races
are exciting and they are
important efforts to get involved. But the
reality is, taking back our
country is much easier if we do it - one district
at a time.

A good friend and fellow Brigader, is running for
State House in Michigan.

Whether you live in Michigan, California, or
Virginia does not matter. All
of us in every state must begin working together,
to help each other
change our local governments. School boards,
mayors, county officials and
state legislatures -- each of these are key to
influencing the direction
of our nation and our culture.

Many of you will remember Rick VanderKolk from
our campaigns to elect Pat
Buchanan in 1996 and 2000. Like all of us who
stood strong for Pat, Rick
is with us on all the issues - Immigration, Guns,
Life, Jobs, American
Culture, Property Rights, Family Farms... and all
the rest.

Rick called me a few weeks ago and I was excited
to hear about his
campaign and especially that it is for an open
seat - no incumbent to

Michigan's 89th district is west of Grand Rapids,
on Lake Michigan. It is
a very republican district. In fact, the
democrats usually don't bother
putting up a candidate because he is sure to
lose. Whoever wins the
Republican primary on August 8th - will win the

It's time to ride to the sound of the guns again.
This time, with
relatively little effort and money, we can put a
true patriot in office.

A hundred bucks sent to a presidential or
congressional campaign is
helpful, but it's gobbled up fast to pay for a
mere fraction of an overall
campaign budget.

But, a $100 bucks to a local race? That puts a
serious dent in the costs
to pay for the postage, envelopes, or yard signs
necessary to get the
attention of voters in these small districts --
and secure a win.

Brigade, we can win this one!

Rick VanderKolk is carrying the torch in West
Michigan. I hope you will
get on board with his campaign and set the stage
for a win for all of us
True Conservatives.

I designed a website for Rick. Check it out.
Email Rick a note. Send a
check, or donate online. Contact your friends in
West Michigan and ask
them to help. Here is the website:

Rick's note to you is below. Also, see what Pat
Buchanan had to say about
Rick's work on his campaigns.

Let me know what you think about helping
candidates across America -- on
the local level. I plan to do more of it because
I want real results and I
believe this is the way to do it.

As always, For the Cause, Linda

PS - We can take back America, one district at a
time. Let's begin with
West Michigan!

(This came from Linda Muller--