Please forward this information to anyone you know in Oregon, Washington or Idaho. Salem, Oregon's Capitol, is very close to Southern Washington State.


When: Wednesday, April 15, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Where: Salem, at the State Capitol steps and mall

Why: We need to remind everyone that we cannot afford to pay for all of the public services that illegal aliens receive while Americans are losing jobs and seeing their benefits cut.

The April 15 T.E.A. [taxed enough already] Party is a national demonstration which OFIR is joining along with many other grass-roots activist groups. Tea parties are planned in several cities in Oregon and elsewhere in the U.S., reminiscent of the Boston tea parties associated with American independence.

OFIR will have a Table, Banner and Flyers. We need to inform people that illegal immigration is one of the PRIMARY reasons for the huge growth in Government Spending, Taxation, and Debt! California is living proof as it is over $42 Billion in debt mainly from uncontrolled immigration!

Radio Hosts Jeff Kropf and Victoria Taft, as well as KYKN and KJCC Salem Radio stations, will be there to help us send a message to our STATE REPRESTENTIVES: Leaders, we will hold you accountable for wasting OUR money.

You will also have a chance to send a Video message to your STATE Representative to let them know how you feel about THE IMPACT OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ON CITIZENS’ LIVES, THE ECONOMY, AND NATIONAL SECURITY.

With almost 11% unemployment in Oregon, WE NEED TO PASS AN E-VERIFY BILL. This would steer jobs to citizens and legal immigrants, foiling the Identify thieves and Illegal Aliens.

Please ask your Friends and Family to come as well.

Guess where Glenn Beck will be having his T.E.A. party! At The Alamo!

Portland residents: Victoria Taft will also be in Portland on the evening of April 15 for a tax-day tea party at Pioneer Square. For details, go to and click on Victoria's photo.

OFIR is a non-partisan group, and this will be a non-partisan event for all citizens and legal residents. A firm, orderly and civil protest will serve our purposes best. Racist or violence-inducing signs absolutely must not be used. (We'll leave racist, hateful and violent action to our opposition, they always seem to degenerate to acting like animals.)
Oregonians for Immigration Reform, PO Box 1438, McMinnville OR 97128

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