Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform

April 3, 2009

Romer's Banditos Are At the Gate

Instate Tuition for Illegal Aliens Scheduled for the Senate Agenda, Today, April 3rd.

On Thursday the Senate Appropriations Committee, using an old legislative trick, passed Silly Bill-170 on to the committee of the whole, the Senate floor. There, it faces two votes: a Second, where many amendments could be added, and Third Reading. IF successful, it then goes to the House Education Committee, which will offer the next opportunity for public testimony.

Stop This Mini Amnesty!
PLEASE take the time to call and email your Senator, letting them of your opposition to the Bill.
You can locate themhereor check the list at the end of this alert.

There are many blatant violations of Federal law, but what's of particular concern is the potential violation of the Colorado Secure and Verifiable ID Act of 2003. Although the Bill was amended yesterday with a new exemption added to HB06S-1023 (Special Session benefits law we fought so hard to get passed), it fails to show a path to actual registration for secondary education. In fact, Community Colleges just dealt with clarification of SVID usage in Nov. '08. The Immigration Reform Law Institute has promised to sue Colorado if Gov Ritter signs this enabling and certainly abetting (syn-INCITE) outrageous legislation. In addition, numerous challenges could be mounted based on state law. The costs will be substantial, at the same time the Colleges are facing massive cuts. This is NUTS.....

But let's not let it get that far......Meet me at the Capitol next week, probably on Tuesday, April 7th.
Details will be forthcoming, and if you are interested, contact me here.

Also, please cast your vote on this Denver Post Poll. It's standing at 87 - 11% against illegal immigrants being granted in-state tuition.

Now is the time to reach out to your Senator.
Give them an earful and write to let them know you want them to

Talking points:

(Use your own words)

* Please vote NO on Senator Romer's in-state tuition bill for illegal aliens (SB09-170). If not for Appropriations Committee voting conducted in an underhanded manner, it would not even have made it to the Senate floor.

* Why should illegal aliens pay less college tuition than American students from other states?

* The 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act allows a state to provide subsidized, lower in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens but only if the state also provides the same low rate to U.S. citizens who are residents of other states. SB09-170 does not comply with this requirement and would be illegal.

* In these troubled economic times, when American families are struggling to pay for college education, it does not make sense to provide discounted education to illegal aliens - who can not legally work in our country when they graduate.

* There are only a fixed number of college seats. These seats should go to lawful Colorado residents, not illegal aliens.

Articles - good reading:

Dems sneak through in-state tuition for illegal aliens

Peter Bolyes and Stan Weekes discussed SB 170
at 6am, April 1, on KHOW radio.
After that hour, at 7:30am, you can listen to the actual hearing.
Podcast here.

Illegal Immigrant Tuition Passes Hurdle - Key Republican Missed Vote

Schedule shift saves tuition bill, riles GOP

Immigrants' tuition bill may get a reprieve

Colorado State Senators:

Bob Bacon 303-866-4841

Betty Boyd 303-8

Greg Brophy 303-866-6360

Bill Cadman 303-866-2737

Morgan Carroll 303-866-4879

Joyce Foster 303-866-4875

Dan Gibbs 303-866-4873

Peter Groff 303-866-3342

Ted Harvey 303-866-4881

Rollie Heath 303-866-4872

Mary Hodge 303-866-4855

Evie Hudak 303-866-4840

Jim Isgar 303-866-4884

Maryanne Keller 303-866-2585

Ken Kester 303-866-4877

Keith King 303-866-4880 keith@keith

Mike Kopp 303-866-2638

Kevin Lundberg 303-866-4853

Shawn Mitchel 303-866-4876

John Morse 303-866-6364

Linda Newell 303-866-4846

Joshua Penry 303-866-3077

Scott Renfroe 303-866-4451

Chris Romer 303-866-4852

Paul Sandoval 303-866-4862

Mark Scheffel 303-8

David Schultheis 303-866-4835

Gail Schwart :

Brandon Shaffer 303-866-5291

Nancy Spence 303-866-4883

Abel Tapia 303-866-2581

Lois Tochtrop 303-866-4863

Jennifer Veiga 303-866-4861 sen

Al White 303-866-2586

Suzanne Williams 303-866-3432

Find your own Senator here.

Please make the call to your elected public servant; send that email.

Stan Weekes

Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform