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    Rumble at the Ranch Protest Update

    Immigration Reform Discussion Headed to Crawford

    TEMPLE, Texas - Although Congress is in recess, "Rumble at the Ranch"
    organizers continue preparing for the May 6 rally that will highlight George
    W. Bush's non-enforcement of immigration laws. The event, scheduled for 1
    p.m. Saturday, May 6, in the football stadium parking lot (adjacent to the
    Community Center) of President Bush's adopted hometown of Crawford, Texas,
    is sponsored by Latino Americans for Immigration Reform (LAIR) and the Texas
    Minutemen and locally hosted by The Lynn Woolley Show (
    <> ).

    "This is a bittersweet event," Lou Ann Anderson, producer of The Lynn
    Woolley Show said. "Many of us voted not once, but twice for the President.
    We support many Bush administration positions, but feel absolutely 'sold
    out' when it comes to illegal immigration and its negative effect on our

    Rumble at the Ranch will feature speakers from across the country.
    Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist, American Patrol's Glenn Spencer,
    Barbara Coe from California Coalition for Immigration Reform and radio talk
    show host Terry Anderson will address the crowd. LAIR President Lupe
    Moreno, Vice President Angie Morfin as well as Texas Minutemen President
    Shannon McGauley and event organizer Frank Jorge will also speak. Other
    speakers include representatives from Americans for Immigration Control,
    Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform, Mothers Against Illegal
    Aliens, Veterans for Secure Borders, Arizona Border Watch, New Mexico
    Minuteman and the Constitution Party of Texas. Political candidates from
    various states will speak along with other individual immigration reform
    activists. The complete speaker roster is listed at
    <> .

    Another component of this event is a Homefrontal Assault campaign in which
    citizens can express their support of immigration enforcement by sending the
    president a postcard. As patriotic Americans are flooding their
    congressional officials with letters, faxes and e-mails, Rumble at the Ranch
    organizers are also working to keep a flow of cards and letters en route to
    President Bush. Organizers cite the Homefrontal Assault campaign as a great
    opportunity for those who cannot travel to Crawford on May 6, but would
    still like to participate in the effort. Postcards should be sent to
    Homefrontal Assault/P.O. Box 266/Crawford, TX 76638-0266.
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    I cannot wait to see this. !! President Bush is going to love it.
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