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    States Must Implement Secure Drivers License Law

    The Center for Immigration Studies has published a review of the current state of REAL ID. the federal secure driver's license law:

    REAL ID has proven easier and less expensive to implement than previously believed.

    Eleven states are already fully compliant with REAL ID's 18 security benchmarks, ahead of the May 2011 deadline. [California lags, of course; don't want to upset those Reconquista advocasy groups.]

    The legal presence of applicants is being checked in all but two states, up 28 states from 2006. Every state is now checking Social Security numbers.

    Motor vehicle departments using REAL ID standards are also increasing criminal investigations of those who have traditionally used driver's license systems to commit identity theft and operate illegally under multiple identities.

    The paper also includes a chart listing for every state the current status of implementation, federal grant monies issued to date, and costs of compliance, where available.

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    Oh me oh my... has anyone been tracked yet? I have seen it happen. It was done by military retired card, NC driver's license or by credit card but they knew this individual's location. I am serious folks.

    Real ID and monitoring is already upon us. So if real heck ever happens do not carry the cards folks.
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