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    Team America: Two Candidates Need Our Help (IL & NY)

    From Bay Buchanan
    Team America PAC
    3/13/2009 8:25 A.M. Pacific Standard Time


    Dear Friend,

    It may be March of 2009 but there are some great candidates that need our help immediately. They are in special elections to fill congressional seats that opened when the incumbents decided to move to Washington with Obama.

    Illinois Fifth district: Rossana Pulido [click here for her website.]

    Rosanna is one of us--a Minuteman and a true patriot who also happens to be an American with Mexican heritage. The GOP all too often panders to Hispanics by supporting amnesty, but Rossana is an example of the many patriotic Hispanics who puts America first.

    She is completely solid on our issues-wants to secure the border, crack down on employers, and stop the importation of foreign workers. For years, Rossana has been an activist for our cause. She was on the border with the Minuteman, was the director of the Illinois Minuteman Project, and has worked with local law enforcement to stop illegal immigration.

    And her democratic opponent is just another pro-amnesty democrat named Mike Quigley. On the campaign trail he brags about pushing for a bill that "ensures that government services...cannot be denied to a person based on immigrant status." Need I say more!!

    But I must tell you-as I have promised to do-Rosanna has an uphill battle. The district is heavily Democratic and she only has a fraction of Quigley's war chest.

    But the voters of Illinois are as furious as we are about massive illegal immigration and they will know by Election Day that the democrat will only encourage more illegals to come across the border with his open border policies. And the voters are also teed off with the huge budget deficit their state faces and all the corruption of surrounding the state democratic party and their former Governor Blagojevich. A long shot but in this environment anything can happen!

    Team America will be supporting her and hope you can as well.

    New York, 20th District: John Tedisco [click here for his website]

    John is another patriot with a proven record and is primed to takeover Kristen Gillibrand's seat i now that she has taken Hillary Clinton's seat in the Senate.

    NY 20th is a very conservative district and Gillibrand was only elected by running as a"Lou Dobbs Democrat." She said she was pro-gun, and anti-illegal immigration. She even co-sponsored the SAVE Act that would have made E-Verify mandatory nationwide. But as soon as she got to the Senate she jumped ship and joined the open border crowd, voting against expanding E-Verify!

    Gillibrand's betrayal has infuriated New Yorkers. They now know they need the real thing voting for them in Congress. John Tedisco earned that trust. As minority leader in the State Assembly John successfully led the fight to defeat Eliot Sptitzer's plan to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

    Now he has a double digit lead against Democrat Scott Murphy who takes no stand on immigration. (Who are these people!) They know where John stands and so do we.

    ACT NOW: Help Team America elect these two great candidates. Please contribute and if you put "For John" or "for Rosanna" in the comment box, 100% of your contribution will go to the candidate. The races are just weeks away, and with your help we can make the difference.

    Thanks for all your doing and Happy St. Pat's.

    Your Friend,

    Paid for by Team America PAC
    501 Church Street | Suite 315 | Vienna | VA | 22180
    (703) 255-9119|

    Received by email
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    N.Y.'s Tedisco Takes Control of Campaign From NRCC

    Friday, March 13, 2009 11:31 AM
    By: Jim Meyers

    Following a precipitous drop in the polls, GOP congressional candidate Jim Tedisco is wresting control of his campaign from the National Republican Congressional Committee in his key House race.

    Tedisco is running for the upstate New York seat vacated by Kirsten Gillibrand when she was appointed to Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat. He is squaring off against Democrat Scott Murphy, a businessman and venture capitalist, in the March 31 special election.

    A new poll by Sienna Research Institute released on Thursday showed Tedisco with a slim 4 percentage point lead over Murphy, which is close to a statistical dead heat. Tedisco, the minority leader in the state assembly, enjoyed a 12 percentage point lead in a previous Siena survey just two weeks earlier.

    Tedisco said he’s taking control of his advertising campaign from the NRCC.

    “I’m taking over and we’re going to run a campaign that relates to the people of the 20th Congressional District,
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    Time to turn the tables on the arrogant Democrats.

    I will vote for Tedisco.
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    Tedisco Win Important for Republicans in NY, and U.S.

    Monday, March 16, 2009 7:05 AM

    WASHINGTON -- A sparsely populated part of New York state could give Republicans a much-needed taste of victory after several years of electoral setbacks.

    Voters in the state's northeastern corner on March 31 will pick a successor to Democratic Representative Kirsten Gillibrand, who was appointed to the Senate to fill seat left vacant when Hillary Clinton became secretary of state.

    The results are likely to have little effect on Capitol Hill, where Democrats enjoy a 76-seat advantage in the 435-member House of Representatives.

    But for Republicans, a win would help turn the page on the painful 2008 election and offer them a glimmer of hope at a time when Democratic President Barack Obama enjoys high approval ratings.

    "It would be an indicator that the tide has turned, (that) when we have an equal playing field we can win on an equal playing field," said Republican strategist Kevin Madden.

    The race features Republican State Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco against Democratic nominated venture capitalist Scott Murphy, who has no background in politics.

    A Siena College poll released last Thursday showed Tedisco leading by 4 percentage points, nearly within the poll's margin of error, down from a 12-point lead at the end of February.

    A win by Tedisco would help Republicans prove they can win again in the Northeast. The three New York seats currently held by New York Republicans are the only House seats that the party controls in all of New England. A decade ago, Republicans had 17 seats in the region.

    The race has been a priority for new party chairman Michael Steele, who has emphasized the need for Republicans to compete in regions where they have lost ground.

    A win could buy Steele goodwill with many in the party after a series of gaffes that have angered conservatives and made him fodder for late-night comedy shows.

    "One of the things that Chairman Steele has stated is that he wants to be on the offense," said Steele spokesman Mike Leavitt.

    Steele visited the area in February and his Republican National Committee donated $100,000 to the state party last week. Earlier he gave $1 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee, which handles House races.

    Some observers say it's unusual for a national chairman to take such a prominent role.

    The result could take on outsized importance because there is little else happening on the political calendar in 2009, said Republican insider Ron Kaufman.

    "It's smart for us as a party to put emphasis on it - if we win. If not, it's not particularly," Kaufman said.

    Registered Republicans outnumber Democrats in the largely rural district, which straddles the upper reaches of the Hudson River. But observers say the partisan gap is narrowing as Democratic-leaning voters move out from the New York City suburbs. The district voted for Republican President George W. Bush in 2004 but Obama carried it in 2008.

    Political handicapper Stuart Rothenberg rates the congressional race a toss-up. "It's very important for Republicans psychologically to win back a seat that leans Republican," he said. "They're trying to turn things around and you don't turn things around if you keep losing."

    Republicans have tried to tie Murphy to unpopular governor David Paterson and targeted his business record. Democrats have hammered Tedisco for refusing to say whether he would have voted for the $787 billion stimulus package recently signed into law. ... 92221.html
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