Date: 2006/05/07 Sun AM 11:59:21 EDT
Subject: TnRIP Alert - May 7, 2006

Three items of importance this week:

The MinuteMan Project Caravan will be in Nashville on Monday, May 8, 2006. We will be holding a rally on the Capital steps in Nashville beginning at 7:00 p.m. The caravan is scheduled to arrive at 8:00 p.m. More details of their route through Tennessee is available on our Coming Events page. Come out, bring your flags, your signs and your friends!!

HB-2818 - Permits our Tennessee Highway Patrol to act in cooperation with Border Enforcement and has been placed on the calendar of the House Finance, Ways & Means committee for May 9, 2006. Click here for contact information regarding this bill.

HB-0242 - Requires that all written drivers license exams be given in English and has been placed on the May 9, 2006 calendar of the Budget Subcommittee of the House Finance, Ways & Means Committee. Click here for contact information of the Budget Subcommittee members. Click here for contact information regarding this bill.


HB-2818 - Permits commissioner of safety to negotiate and enter a memorandum of understanding with federal authorities to provide appropriate training for certain highway patrol officers to enforce federal immigration laws in Tennessee during the normal course of their duties. Please call and/or email every member listed below as possible. We must help get these bills out of committee and onto the floor of the House for full votes.

Members of the House Finance, Ways & Means Committee are as follows:

Craig Fitzhugh, Chair email (615) 741-2134
Harry Tindell, Vice-Chair email (615) 741-2031
Johnny Shaw, Secretary email (615) 741-4538

Joe Armstrong email (615) 741-0768
Stratton Bone email (615) 741-7086
Rob Briley email (615) 741-2184
Tommie Brown email (615) 741-4374
Kent Coleman email (615) 741-6829
Charles Curtiss email (615) 741-1963
Eugene E. Davidson email (615) 741-3979
Bill Dunn email (615) 741-1721
Tre Hargett email (615) 741-8201
Jere L. Hargrove email (615) 741-1875
Michael Harrison email (615) 741-7480
Beth Harwell email (615) 741-0709
John Hood email (615) 741-7849
Mark Maddox email (615) 741-7847
Steve McDaniel email (615) 741-0750
Mike McDonald email (615) 741-1980
Bob McKee email (615) 741-1946
Kim McMillan email (615) 741-2043
Larry Miller email (615) 741-4453
Doug Overbey email (615) 741-0981
Phillip Pinion email (615) 741-0718
Randy Rinks email (615) 741-2007
Dennis Roach email (615) 741-2534
Charles Sargent email (615) 741-6808
Janis Sontany email (615) 741-6861
Nathan Vaughn email (615) 741-6867
If any of the above Representatives are from your district, you may also want to contact their district office to express your views. Their local, in-district, contact information may be found here.



Rep. Tom Dubois's bill, HB0242, which requires that all written driver license examinations be given in English, has now been scheduled for a May 9th hearing before the Budget Subcommittee of the Tennessee House of Representative's Finance, Ways and Means Committee. Please call and e-mail the members of the Budget Subcommittee listed below and tell them that you support HB0242 and that you want written driver licenses examinations given in English, the language of our street signs, and that you do not want these examinations to be given in foreign languages as they are being given now. The Senate companion to this bill has already passed the Tennessee Senate. The most likely place for opponents of HB0242 to kill it will be in Budget Subcommittee.

Budget Subcommittee Members:

Finance, Ways and Means Committee Vice-Chairman and Budget Subcommittee Chairman Harry Tindell: (615) 741-2031 and

Joe Armstrong: 615) 741-0768 and

Mike Harrison: (615) 741-7480 and

Steve McDaniel: (615) 741-0750 and

Robert McKee: (615) 741-1946 and

Kim McMillan: (615) 741-2043 and

Doug Overbey: (615) 741-0981 and

Randy S. Rinks: (615) 741-2007 and

Johnny Shaw: (615) 741-4538 and

Toll-free number for the legislature is 1-800-449-8366

Please also call the office Finance, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Craig Fitzhugh. His phone number is (615) 741-2134. His e-mail address is He can sit as a member of the Budget Subcommittee if he so chooses.

Please also consider calling the office of House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh. His office phone number is (615) 741-3774. His e-mail address is He can also sit as a member of the Budget Subcommittee if he so chooses.

If one can, please also call the office of Governor Phil Bredesen and express support for HB-0242. The phone number for Governor Bredesen's office is (615) 741-2001.