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    TnRip This May Be The Last Day To Hold Back Amnesty

    From: "Theresa Harmon" <> Add to Address Book
    Date: 2006/04/07 Fri AM 08:06:11 EDT
    Subject: Fri AM tasks to beat Hagel amnesty

    This may be our last chance for a LONG time to hold back an amnesty. Please call, phone, fax or visit your Senators to urge them to support the enforcement only bill passed by the U.S. House (HR4437). We need enforcement NOT amnesty (either immediate - the Kennedy/McCain bills -----or gradual - the Frist bill). Make sure these Senators UNDERSTAND that we will not only remember in November but we will see that others do too!!!

    Theresa Harmon
    Tennesseans for Responsible Immigration Policies
    Kennedy-McCain Bill Resurrected!

    April 6

    11:30 pm

    Dear Friend,

    I just came from our weekly immigration coalition dinner, and I can’t wait

    until the morning to tell you what the great Senate of the United States

    has in mind for us. And as always I need you to get back on the phones

    and call as soon as you get this e-mail. We can’t let this bill pass!

    Tomorrow morning, 10:30 am, the Senate is scheduled to vote to allow the

    Hagel Martinez bill to go to the floor for a vote. If Senators Frist and

    Reid can garner 60 votes, the bill goes to the floor and will pass the

    Senate tomorrow. Here is what I have learned about the bill.

    Just about everything we are being told about this so-called "compromise

    bill" is a lie. It is no compromise. It is a complete sell-out of

    America, same as its twin Kennedy-McCain.

    The treasonous facts:

    There is no border security! The seven hundred miles of fence, that is

    part of the House bill, is not in this bill. Instead the bill calls for a

    virtual fence. (That’s what got us into this mess in the first place.)

    There is NO mandatory employer verification! It was stripped out—too

    burdensome for businesses. The Senate sure knows how to keep their

    corporate masters happy!

    It is all about Amnesty! It calls for amnesty for over 10 million

    illegals, and that is before the fraud begins! In 1986 it was estimated

    that 1-1.5 million illegals were eligible for that amnesty—over 3 million

    applied and were approved. We are looking at amnesty for fifteen,

    possibly twenty million illegals. And with no border security every one

    of them will be quickly replaced by another illegal!

    It is about more amnesty—through guest worker! In spite of the fact that

    no guest worker program has ever worked in this country and has always

    become amnesty, the bill calls for 400,000 new guest workers every year

    and they will be put on a path to citizenship. This guarantees the

    chamber has its constant flow of cheap labor.

    It is about doubling legal immigration from 1million a year to two million

    a year.

    If that wasn’t enough, the bill does give in state tuition to all

    illegals! How dumb are these Senators? How many millions will come here

    illegally just to have their kids educated at our expense! And with no

    border control what is going to stop them!

    It is about more illegal immigration. With all these benefits for

    illegals living here today, and no border security or employer

    accountability this bill invites a massive new wave of illegal


    In short, the Senate has chosen to ignore the problem of illegal

    immigration, and the outcry of most all Americans to secure the border and

    enforce the laws.

    I beg you—say a prayer tonight and tomorrow bright and early get on the

    phones again! Express you outrage and if you can’t get through to the

    Senators, call your Congressman—they can stop this bill from becoming law!

    Thank you so much for all your help and support.

    Bay Buchanan

    PS A staffer of one of the good guys in Congress told me tonight that the

    calls coming in to the Congressional offices have now surpassed those

    generated by the Dubai port debacle. The callers are furious, he said,

    they can’t get through to their Senators’ offices, the lines are always

    busy, and the message machines are overloaded so they can’t even leave a

    message. You are making a difference—please don’t give up now.

    PPS here is a link to the Senate phone numbers
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    I can’t wait until the morning to tell you what the great Senate of the United States
    and the American people can't wait to let the 'great' Senate of the United States know what they have in store for them come election time!!!

    "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it" George Santayana "Deo Vindice"

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    Amnesty before or after border enforcement is like closing the gate after the cow is gone. But no matter border enforcement will never happen if the current government is left to their own devices; while amnesty very well may.

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