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    Tonight's Presidential Debate ProEnglish

    First Presidential Debate TONIGHT at 9pm!

    Jim Lehrer, moderator of the first 2012 presidential debate, has decided that the topic for tonight's debate will be domestic policy. ProEnglish urges you to send your comments and our recommended question below to the Debate Commission! If the topic of official English is covered at all, it will likely be included in the section, “The Role of Government," tonight.

    The Economy - I
    • The Economy - II
    • The Economy - III
    • Health Care
    • The Role of Government
    • Governing

    The debate starts at 9:00 p.m. ET and runs for 90 minutes.


    Please help us inject the official English issue into the Presidential Debate tonight!


    Send the Debate Commission an email and urge them to ask the following question:

    QUESTION: "Do you believe it is the role of the federal government to preserve English as the common, unifying language of the U.S.?"

    ProEnglish | The Nation's Leading Advocates of Official English

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    Looks rigged to me. Someone looks prepped . JMO
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