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    Update from Minuteman operations

    Go here to hear a short summary on where we are &
    where we are headed: (thanks to Dave Longman of High
    Desert Minutemen): ... l06pt1.mp3 ... l06pt2.mp3

    2 stories that you will not believe:

    1) There were 3 minutemen from the Minuteman Civil
    Defense Corps on the border last night in the
    Boulevard, CA area. As they were on a hike in search
    of a lost radio, a group of 11 ran right in front of
    them about 50 feet. A quarter mile later, they
    spooked a group of 15 who had just crossed. Both
    groups were now heading south thinking our guys were
    Border Patrol. They rendevoused on a high point that
    is a cave-like rock formation we have dubbed the
    "Highpointe Hilton" since it can house up to 200
    illegal aliens on their way to a better life. When
    our guys reached their lookout point, the illegals
    spotted them, figured out they were not border patrol
    & began hurling rocks at them, and grabbing their
    crotches, and making the "V" for victory sign while
    screaming and cursing and laughing at them. This is
    the attitude of the "willing worker" who is just
    looking for a better life at your expense. This
    story will never be told on a single news source to
    provide balance to the so-called "peaceful"
    pro-illegal rallies which are being described as
    "pro-immigrant" and "pro-american" since they figured
    out they should carry the American flag while
    conducting their rally. Someone forgot to tell them
    that English is our language.

    We have seen 114 illegal aliens so far this month: 40
    have been apprehended; 33 TBS'd (turned back south)
    and the rest are heading to a home depot, a school, a
    peaceful, pro-american rally, or a neighborhood near

    2) This is the funniest story I have heard this week
    from the Alpenhorn News in Crestline, CA.

    In Lake Arrowhead, CA illegal aliens are demanding
    15.00 per hour, 8 hours guarranteed work & a free


    Tim Donnelly
    State Leader, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, CA
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    and they will get 15 too

    The sad part is....there are a lot of idiot Americans who will pay them 15$ an hour too....

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    a member of MM was on KLIF here in dallas before I went on talking about the rock throwing incident, she said that BP has also reported damaged vehicles due to the rock throwing.

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    Excuse but did you say PAss the Children?

    Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 2:20 pm Post subject: Child Advocacy groups


    WHere are the Child Advoccacy groups inthis? Exactly where is the Guywho is allowing this getting his credentials? I believethe parents of all kids should make sure their kids are in schooland they are safe from the potential harm of unsupervised acrivity. The President should speak up on making sure there are no kids left behind at the rallies.

    The right to assembly refers to adults...not the innocent kids. This is pure exploitation of this criminal conspiracy group of Foreign NAtionals out to take our government and our money in welfare programs they will be entitled to as low income wage earners if we let them have citizenship. Give them all an automatic F and FIRE THAT HEAD of the the school...

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