Today we pause to take a quick look back over the past year’s advances and setbacks as well as to offer hope that during this New Year we may yet witness the Constitution coming into the possession of more citizens and public policy coming within its limits.

This past year saw the We The People organization move well into its second decade of federal constitutional activism. WTP’s work over the past 12 months included programs of constitutional education, public events designed to encourage rational resistance to unconstitutional behavior, celebratory events to share the joy of Liberty, and of course, our ongoing actions through the federal Judiciary to hold usurpers accountable to the Constitution.

From meeting places across the nation, to the steps of the fifty state capitols and the U.S. Supreme Court, WTP again left its indelible mark upon the land, preparing the People to vigilantly and peacefully defend our Founding Principles while further establishing a permanent, and irrefutable record of the People’s attempts to exercise the First Amendment Right to Petition to lawfully secure their natural Rights.

As our Republic continued to falter fiscally and socially due to accruing adverse effects of violations of the Constitution’s restrictions and mandates regarding money, war, privacy, and more, the WTP organization has remained steadfast in its efforts to rally People in defense of our Creator-endowed, unalienable and individual Rights. With your support, we will continue to do so.

Following the short recap of the 2010 efforts of the WTP organization below, we offer a few thoughts regarding the coming year. We hope that our long and extensive record of defending the Constitution warrants your continuing support.

2010 in a Nutshell

ARICLES OF FREEDOM: Regrouping after the historic 2-week assembly of Patriot Delegates to the Continental Congress, WTP finalized a new website and published the Articles of Freedom, the Work of Continental Congress 2009. This important documentary work marks the collective efforts of those assembled to design and adopt a plan to restore constitutional governance, both at the state and federal level. The Articles of Freedom and many hours of free video can be found on the website. A special DVD of the event is also available.

After significant planning efforts, Patriots in nearly every State served the Articles of Freedom on local, state and federal officials. On April 19th, many representatives of Freedom gathered at their state Capitals for a public ceremony honoring America and the Constitution before serving their elected officials with copies of the Articles of Freedom.

The Articles of Freedom document 14 significant violations of the Constitution and includes Remedial Instructions to the Federal and State governments that are designed to stop the violations. The document also contains recommendations for (peaceful) Civic Actions the People may take to educate and encourage compliance by their elected officials.

FREEDOM CEREMONIES: WTPF partnered with STAND UP AND SING FOR AMERICA numerous times this year to present the Freedom Scroll to liberty-minded patriots at special events. The Ceremony which combines Honor and Gratitude for Creator, Country and Constitution through flag presentation, patriotic singing and a talk on the Constitution, came out of the May 2009 meeting at Jekyll Island where the Freedom Scroll first appeared. The Ceremony has now been given in twelve states and the Freedom Scroll continues to gather the signatures of American citizens who have felt to re-dedicate their lives as Freedom Keepers for our Charters of Freedom.

AIG & TARP Bailout Cases: On March 11, WTP Chairman Bob Schulz presented oral arguments before the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan seeking a reversal of yet another abuse of the standing doctrine by the United States District Courts. Bob’s constitutional challenge against the AIG and TARP bailouts had been dismissed for “lack of standing.