‘She’s Only … The Fall Person’: Stephen Miller Says Replacing Kamala Harris Won’t End ‘Drugs, Disease, Crime’ At The Border

August 01, 20213:17 PM ET

Former senior Trump adviser Stephen Miller said Sunday that he believes Vice President Kamala Harris should be replaced as the border czar but that it won’t make any difference to the “drugs, disease [and] crime” at the border.

“I completely agree the vice president should be replaced but ultimately she’s only being used as the fall person behind a scheme that staff has put together,” Miller told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“But it’s important for people to keep in mind that she is not the one making these policy decisions,” Miller continued. “These policy decisions are being made by the faceless radicals throughout the Biden administration that are running the show.”

Miller claimed that White House and Department of Homeland Security staffers, “most of whom will never be known to the American public,” are the ones who are “making these truly, truly deadly decisions that are resulting in drugs, disease [and] crime, as well as just large-scale illegal immigration.” He said these conditions “drains” America’s finances and diminish job opportunities.

Miller suggested Harris has done such a poor job of managing the border crisis that her “political ambitions are effectively destroyed.”

The former senior adviser suggested it was “insane” to be talking about a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill when “the sovereignty of this country is being wiped out.” He suggested that the Republicans should not facilitate any of President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda until he agrees to secure the Southern Border. Miller argued that Biden is “working assiduously through his radical staff to eliminate, erase and invalidate our nation’s borders.”

President Biden tapped Harris to address the border crisis, but she has yet to visit the Southern Border. When she landed in Guatemala at the beginning of her immigration tour, protesters greeted Harris with signs saying “Trump won,” “Go home” and “Kamala, mind your own business.”

Harris met with the Guatemalan president and delivered a speech that told Guatemalans to “not come” illegally to the U.S.https://dailycaller.com/2021/08/01/s...-crime-border/