“27 % of all inmates in United States prisons are non U.S. citizens”, report reveals

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Author: Robert Tilford
Filed Under: News, US | Posted: 04/06/2014 at 10:03PM
According to the Congressional Register in 2012 roughly “27 % of the inmates currently in United States prisons are not U.S. citizens: 17.5 percent are from the nation of Mexico”. This is perhaps the clearest indication that we have a very serious illegal immigration problem here in the US.

Some other startling fact were discovered, for example a whopping “37 % of Texas border jails contain foreign nationals”, said Congressman Poe of Texas back in 2012.

“How can any reasonable person say our borders are secure when 27 percent of America’s prisons are the home to foreign nationals?”, Poe said.

Imagine the cost to taxpayers!

The cheapest prisons in the US cost tens of thousands of dollars a year per inmate. Now multiple that number by thousands ! Some states have toyed with the idea of deportation, the Kansas Department of Corrections for example, could help its budget problems if it could deport nearly 300 inmates who are potentially illegal immigrants. But they won’t do that.

Officials I talked to indicate it is either not possible (because of a lack of extradition agreements) or may not be effective to stem the flood of illegals crossing the border in the first place. Either way we have a huge problem!

Corrections Secretary Roger Werholtz told a joint House-Senate committee at the time that about 80 of 293 inmates who were born in other countries and may be illegal immigrants might be eligible for deportation, the Topeka Capital-Journal reported.

But “deportation is no guarantee that inmates would remain in prison in their home countries”, he indicated.

“If inmates are freed, they could easily return to the United States, which might endanger public safety”, Werholtz said in a 2009 interview…

The inmates in question come from 27 different countries across Latin America, though most (201) are from Mexico.

“More than 34,000 people have been killed or murdered in our neighboring country of Mexico since the drug cartels began their reign of terror in 2006″, according to one report I read.

An honest assessment of the border situation proves – neither the United States nor Mexico has operational control of some border regions.

Drugs and people are smuggled into the U.S. and guns and money are smuggled to the south into Mexico on a daily basis. It is not just a Mexican problem it is also an American problem, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars…

Mexican officials I talk to say it is America’s huge demand for illegal drugs that is fueling the violence not them.

American officials suggest it is corruption, abysmal social conditions, and dire poverty in Mexico that drives the violence. Both are actually true, when you think about it.

Others say the “exploitation” is a two way street.

It is well known that American corporations and small businesses exploit illegal aliens who they hire at poverty rates so they can pass along the healthcare costs to the states. The federal government in its wisdom helps to subsidize these illegal workers by offering food stamps, low income housing and subsidized utilities…despite the fact they are illegal.

“It certainly makes you wonder about this unhealthy (symbiotic) relationship”, says D. Vickers of Charlotte, N.C. “County jails throughout North Carolina are stressed to the limit with illegal immigrants”, he says.