14 Migrants Rescued in 110+ Degree Heat of California Border Mountains

by BOB PRICE 15 Sep 2021

El Centro Sector agents rescued 14 migrants from the mountainous desert region of the California-Mexico border. The rescues took place as temperatures in the region exceeded 110 degrees.

Beginning on Friday, El Centro Station agents received a call from California Highway Patrol officials regarding two people who illegally crossed the border from Mexico and became lost. Police officials provided GPS coordinates for the last migrants.

USBP Chief Patrol Agent Gregory K. Bovino

El Centro Sector agents rescued 10 undocumented individuals in a 72 hr span over the weekend as temps soared to 111 degrees.

#Fall approaches, temps are still dangerously high in the Imperial Valley! #USBP#bordernews


3:27 PM · Sep 14, 2021

Border Patrol agents launched a search and rescue operation in the area of the last known position of the lost migrants. Approximately 10 hours later, agents found two men — both Mexican nationals. The agents found the men about four miles north of the U.S.-Mexico Border near Interstate 8.

The agents conducted a welfare check on the Mexican nationals and escorted them to the El Centro Sector Processing Center for further medical evaluation.

El Centro Sector dispatch officials received a call on Sunday afternoon from the Calexico Police Department regarding another lost group of migrants who crossed the border in the mountains near Ocotillo, California. Police officials reported the group was lost, out of water, and in need of medical attention.

Agents immediately launched a search and rescue mission and found the group within about 25 minutes. The agents found six adult Mexican nationals — five males, one female. They found the group just 50 feet north of the border.

After a welfare check, the agents transported the six Mexican nationals to the processing center for medical evaluation.

El Centro officials received another emergency distress call notice from the California Highway Patrol on Tuesday morning. Police reported another group who became lost without water.

Approximately an hour later, agents working in the field located the group of six Mexican nationals — all adult males. Again, the agents transported the migrants to the processing center for medical evaluation and removal.