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    2 gang members sentenced in tattooing of Fresno boy

    2 sentenced in tattooing of Fresno boy
    Posted at 10:27 AM on Monday, Jul. 19, 2010
    By Pablo Lopez / The Fresno Bee

    Fresno, California..... Two Fresno gang members were sentenced this morning in Fresno County Superior Court for inking a gang tattoo on a 7-year-old boy during Easter break last year.

    Enrique Gonzalez, 27, who allowed his son to get the tattoo, was sentenced to six years in prison. Travis Gorman, 22, who inked the dog paw -- the symbol of the Bulldogs street gang -- on the boy’s hip was sentenced to five years in prison.

    The brief hearing in Judge Arlan Harrell’s courtroom was an anti-climatic end to a criminal case that drew widespread attention because the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office had wanted the two defendants to spend life in prison.

    But a jury last month found Gonzalez and Gorman not guilty of mayhem, which would have carried a life term. The jury deadlocked on lesser felony charges, prompting prosecutors to offer a plea agreement.

    In a plea deal, Gonzalez pleaded guilty to a felony charge of corporal injury to a child. He also admitted that he tattooed his son in order to promote the image of a criminal street gang. Gorman pleaded no contest to the felony charge and no contest to a misdemeanor charge of street terrorism.

    Because of time served in jail, both defendants should be out of prison in three years or less, defense lawyers said this morning.

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    Amnesty will bring more of this type of behavoir to your city soon.

    So would a guest worker program as Fresno is half anchor babies and illegals.
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