22 Arrested for violating Immigration Laws

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
By: Laredo Sun

LAREDO, Tx.- Customs and Border Protection Inspectors apprehended 22 persons on the international bridges for violating immigration laws they also detected 8 fugitives.

Reports indicate that 8 persons were caught with other peoples visa laser's by Customs agents.

Four imposters were also detected with other persons resident cards, 4 others with American Passports that did not belong to them, one had false documents and 4 others presented other persons birth certificates.

In one of the cases, a 45 year old man tried to cross into the United States as he presented his legal resident card and was sent to secondary.

Agents then detected that this man had a criminal history in Bexar County where he was processed and later deported.

Officials also detected a 56 year old San Antonio man, who had an arrest warrant against him for an aggravated sexual assault charge against a minor.