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    28 cited for driving without license at Escondido Checkpoint

    For those who have been following events in Escondido, this should come as no surprise.

    28 cited for driving without a license, two dozen cars impounded at Escondido checkpoint

    By: North County Times wire services

    ESCONDIDO - Officers cited 28 people for driving without a license and impounded two dozen cars at an Escondido checkpoint Wednesday.

    Escondido police Lt. Tom Albergo said 965 drivers were stopped in the 700 block of West Grand Avenue over a two-hour period and asked to produce their licenses.

    Of those, 47 were directed into a secondary checkpoint to have their license status verified, Albergo said.

    Police plan to conduct more drivers license checkpoints in various locations in Escondido in the future, the lieutenant said.
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    Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! What took them so long? Why did they wait until the situation has become as bad as it is? A little too late if you ask me. Where I live, in El Cajon, there are as many cars with Mexico license plates, all with no drivers licenses, insurance, etc. as all out of state cars combined.

    And watch, in a few days, the Latino, Hispanic, pro-illegal, open-borders groups will be screaming racial genocide. "How dare you conduct this Nazi this type of operation, that is clearly a racist attempt to deprive hard working, honest people from driving their sick old relatives to the doctor's office, making them susceptible to death because they can't get the medical attention they so desperately need. Why are you trying to kill us?" That's what they'll say. Just watach.
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