7K Migrants Apprehended in 4 Days in Texas Border Sector

by BOB PRICE 3 Oct 2023

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended approximately 7,000 migrants during the past four days. A migrant surge in September led to the apprehension of more than 45,000 migrants in this single Texas border sector.

Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez tweeted several reports of migrant apprehensions during the past four days. These agents took nearly 7,000 migrants into custody during the four-day period.

Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez
Oct 2, 2023


This Weekend, our dedicated
#RGV Border Patrol Agents worked tirelessly to keep our border & communities safe. From large groups, to triaging medical emergencies, to seizing narcotics, to holding the frontline, their hard work does not go unnoticed! RGV STRONG

Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez

3,904 Migrant Apprehensions
113 Gotaways
13 Human Smuggling Cases
16 Human Smugglers
4 Narcotics Seizures
5 Large Groups (936, 149, 110, 116, 103)

Checkpoint Traffic Inspections:
Falfurrias – 31K vehicles
Kingsville – 16K vehicles
Fort Brown – 5.5K vehicles

12:39 PM · Oct 2, 2023

Over the weekend, RGV agents apprehended 3,904 migrants, Chavez reported. The sector classified an additional 114 migrants as known got-aways. This refers to migrants who are observed crossing the border who cannot be apprehended at the time.

Human smuggling cartels pushed five large migrant groups across the border over the weekend. One of these groups accounted for nearly a quarter of the migrants apprehended.

On September 30, Chave reported the apprehension of approximately 3,000 more migrants, bringing the four-day total to at least 6,900 migrants.

Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez

Update from Brownsville, TX: Amisdt scorching temperatures, #RGV Border Patrol Agents & Supervisors from Brownsville, Harlingen, & Fort Brown stations continue to work tirelessly addressing this significant migrant surge...approx. 3,000 people in the last 48 hrs.

7:36 PM · Sep 30, 2023

While the world’s attention remains focused on the spike in migrant crossings in Eagle Pass, the media is paying little attention to a very close number of apprehensions in the Rio Grande Valley. In September, Del Rio Sector agents apprehended nearly 48,000 migrants. Rio Grand Valley Sector agents apprehended more than 45,000 migrants in September, according to unofficial Border Patrol reports reviewed by Breitbart Texas.

The difference in media focus could be the availability of dramatic photo ops in Eagle Pass where most of the migrants are crossing in a very small area. The highly visible crossings and the detention of migrants in the open air under the international bridge attracted a broad swath of media outlets.

In the Rio Grande Valley Sector, the nearly same number of apprehensions are spread out over multiple cities, including Brownsville, McAllen, Mission, Rio Grande City, Harlingen, Fort Brown, and Roma.

During all of Fiscal Year 23, which ended on September 30, Rio Grande Valley agents apprehended nearly 250,000 migrants.