Unaccompanied Minors Returned to Baja receive government support

CEAM has provided assistance to more than 800 children this year alone


by SanDiegoRed.com
July 17 2014

BAJA CALIFORNIA.- The State Commission in Support of Migrants (CEAM in Spanish) held a third extraordinary meeting in order to discuss what is needed to continue to assist minors that will be repatriated to Baja. The group is calling out for more support and coordination between various associations and government institutions in order to be able to assist more minors being repatriated after arriving in the United States among the surge of unaccompanied minors.

During the meeting, CEAM’s Executive Director Carlos Mora Alvarez, recognized the efforts of those involved with the commission. He credits integrants with favoribly consolidating public policy and thus enabling the State Government, headed by Governor Francisco Vega de La Madrid, to properly address the flow of Mexican children being returned to Baja California. Although the amount has decreased since 2005, the issue is still one of great priority for the government.

Those in attendance were told that in a few days, Baja California Congressmen will vote on the Baja California Migrant Protection Law, which will set forth a strategy by which funds will be channelled toward the development of government programs, institutions, and civil societies that are members of the CEAM.

Claudia Ramos Hernandez, Coordinator of the Coastal Zone of the Integral Family Development (DIF) agency, shared statistics of the amount of boys, girls, and teens that are being repatriated to Baja California. The amount of unaccompanied minors repatriated to Baja last year alone was 1, 317; of these 582 were integrated into DIF run housing, and 735 more were sent to outside shelters in the housing network.

This year alone, from January to June 2014, the State dependency registered 824 unaccompanied minor migrants repatriated to Baja California,
of which 75 were reestablished in Mexicali, and 326 were reintegrated in Tijuana. The rest of the children were also cared for until their individual situations were resolved.



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