12 Mar 2016

An illegal alien accused of the sexual assault of a child in Colorado was arrested in New Mexico by U.S. Border Patrol agents as he attempted to illegally cross the border into the U.S.

Jose Antonio Garcia-Espinoza, 23, has an outstanding warrant for sexual assault of a child from the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office in Fort Collins, Colorado, a press statement from the Border Patrol revealed.

Garcia-Espinoza was captured while he and a group of illegal aliens were discovered crossing the border in the Mount Cristo Rey area. The area is well known as an illegal alien smuggling route. Agents carried out an aggressive search for the illegal aliens after they had been alerted to the crossing of the U.S./Mexico border. The mountainous terrain made the search difficult.

Agents eventually captured the group. While processing the illegal aliens, agents discovered the outstanding warrant for Garcia-Espinoza. The accused child molester is now being held at the Otero County prison facility pending extradition to Larimer County, Colorado. Breitbart Texas contacted the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office for details about the case. No one from the department is available to discuss such matters over the weekend.

During this same week, Border Patrol agents from the Lordsburg Station used night vision equipment to discover a team of smugglers carrying large backpacks of marijuana. In all, fifteen people were involved in the smuggling operation. The area is well known for drug smuggling operations.

After tracking the smugglers for several hours, agents discovered six suspects who were still carrying the marijuana. While they attempted to hide in the brush, agents were able to detect their presence with the night vision equipment. In all, thirty backpacks of marijuana totaling 2,442.25 pounds were confiscated. Agents estimated the street value of the seizure at just under $2 million. The six suspects, all Mexican nationals, were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Agency.

An additional 236 pounds of marijuana was recovered in a separate incident later that day.