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Thread: Activists Demand Amnesty Outside Fifth Circuit–Shouts & Demands ‘Could Be Heard Insid

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    Activists Demand Amnesty Outside Fifth Circuit–Shouts & Demands ‘Could Be Heard Insid

    Activists Demand Amnesty Outside Fifth Circuit–Shouts & Demands ‘Could Be Heard Inside the Courtroom’

    by Breitbart News17 Apr 20157

    On Friday, the shouts and chants from pro-amnesty advocates could reportedly be heard inside the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals courtroom as a three-judge panel was hearing oral arguments on whether a federal judge’s injunction against President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty should be lifted.

    According to the Associated Press, amnesty advocates who were protesting and demanding the implementation of Obama’s executive amnesty programs “shouted demands and could be heard inside the courtroom from the street.”

    The pro-amnesty United We Dream group organized the protestors, bussing in many from outside of New Orleans.The Obama administration halted its new round of executive amnesty program after Federal Judge Andrew Hanen in Texas issued a temporary injunction in February after a majority of the states sued the Obama administration. The Obama administration then appealed the judge’s decision to the Fifth Circuit.

    Obama’s executive amnesty to expand his 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive amnesty was set to go into effect on Feb. 18 while Obama’s executive amnesty for the illegal immigrant parents of U.S. citizens is set to begin on May 19 if the court case is resolved in the Obama administration’s favor.

    Left-wing outlets like ThinkProgress whined this week that amnesty advocates “received terrible news on Monday” because “two members of the three-judge panel that will decide whether to reinstate these programs are extraordinarily conservative judges.”

    Demonstrators played music, used bullhorns to demand executive amnesty, and marched in front of the New Orleans federal courthouse with signs like “Deferred Action for All,” “Immigrant Families Deserve Dignity,” “DACA and DAPA Implementation NOW!” and “Citizenship for all!”

    Alejandra Gomez @Gomez_Alex07

    Happening now the community is marching to implement our victory! #ImmigrationAction #restorerelief
    11:10 AM - 17 Apr 2015

    Maria Cabello @MariFer2013
    Undocumented and unafraid! #restorerelief @UNITEDWEDREAM
    10:36 AM - 17 Apr 2015

    Maria Cabello @MariFer2013
    Maria is marching because her mom qualifies for DAPA. DACA works 4 her & it will work for her mom 2! #restorerelief
    10:45 AM - 17 Apr 2015

    Maria Cabello @MariFer2013

    While the hearing is happening inside, undocumented families march to defend their victory in NOLA #restorerelief
    10:27 AM - 17 Apr 2015

    Alejandra Gomez @Gomez_Alex07
    .@UNITEDWEDREAM Marching to defend our communities victory! #restorerelief #ImmigrationAction
    10:21 AM - 17 Apr 2015 @UNITEDWEDREAM
    Happening NOW! Leaders from across the country come to New Orleans demanding to #RestoreRelief! via @DREAMERcado
    9:56 AM - 17 Apr 2015

    Maria Cabello @MariFer2013
    Sin papeles, sin miedo! #restorerelief @Citizenship4All
    10:47 AM - 17 Apr 2015

    DREAMers' MOMS @DreamersMOMS
    Tx lawsuit against #DACA #DAPA ignore the contribution of immigrant women to our comunity #RestoreRelief
    10:29 AM - 17 Apr 2015

    RI4A ✔ @RI4A
    ¡Ni el agua ni el viento detiene al movimiento! #RestoreRelief #ImmigrationAction #immigration
    11:46 AM - 17 Apr 2015

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    If you think giving them their way will bring peace and quiet, I assure you that that thinking is wrong. Deport all aliens! Secure borders and ports. AAawww, peace and quiet is nearing.
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    They must all be deported. They are delusional narcissists who think this is about them, when it isn't about hem, it's about the Americans they steal from, whether it's a job or an education, tax credits, or Medicaid, whether it's a spot on the road or a seat in an emergency room, these are thieves to the core, because they're gypsies at heart. They were raised that way, they were taught to be such, and letting them remain in the country will be the worst thing the US government has ever done after letting them in to begin with.
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    These people are not activist, they are illegal foreign nationals demonstrating in our streets demanding things that they are not entitled to. They want all the benefits of citizenship without the responsibilities or the effort involved to get it legally. They are foreign criminals that are being allowed access to the treasury and the welfare system. Now they want the ballot box also - this is anarchy, not activism. A hundred years ago, they would have been run off and sent back where they belong. I find it disgusting that the citizens of this country have no backbone.
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