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Thread: AFL-CIO president: Citizenship for illegals will create American jobs

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    AFL-CIO president: Citizenship for illegals will create American jobs

    2:25 PM 03/25/2014
    Rachel Stoltzfoos
    The Daily Caller

    AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka says granting illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship will be good for American workers.

    “It will help us create jobs,” Trumka told The Daily Caller in an interview Tuesday morning.

    “Those workers [illegal immigrants] are already in the workforce,” Trumka said, “and they’re being used and abused to drive wages down for every worker out there.”

    The AFL-CIO has emerged as a strong proponent of granting illegal immigrants U.S. citizenship.

    He posited that once illegal immigrants are given citizenship status, corporations will no longer be able to use them to drive wages down. Higher wages will drive demand and investment, he said, which drives jobs.

    Trumka also made a case for protectionist trade policies during a speech at the Center for American Progress Tuesday.

    He said the United States needs to create trading rules that aim to raise wages and living standards around the globe, and strictly enforce them.

    “Our trading partners must commit to these basic, minimum labor standards… We need to enforce them,” Trumka said. “Because no rule makes a difference if it can’t be enforced.”

    Trumka complained that imports continue to outpace exports, that corporations are outsourcing labor, that America continues to loses factories, and that NAFTA was created with the goal of shipping jobs offshore to lower labor costs.
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    They will just bring in a new batch of illegals. Trumpka is,in my opinion a money and power hungry communist shill.

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    Richard Trumka apparantly has not considered what things will be like for Americans if his legalized illegal aliens take over in American elections thus bringing the next 20 million illegals into the country and paralyzing all laws designed to protect American workers.

    Our current immigration and border laws are designed to protect American workers and the fact that Richard Trumka is pushing amnesty for illegal aliens on behalf of those that have suspended those laws shows he is a quisling working for the Global man like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.

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    The SEIU is majority Illegal Alien union.

    Got this e-mail 3/15/13

    I’m going to tell you something very personal: Just last week, my father finally became a citizen of the United States after almost 30 years of waiting.

    My parents brought me to the United States when I was 13 months old to escape economic hardship and war in Colombia. I grew up in Dallas and my favorite foods were pizza, chocolate chip cookies, and empanadas. My parents worked hard to put me through school, and I was proud to be the first person in my family to graduate from college.

    America is the only home I have ever known. And it’s my family’s home. I’ve been waiting for most of my life to be a full citizen of this country. In a few years, my dream will become a reality. But it’s come at a price. In order for me to be eligible for a green card, my mother had to wait to apply for her citizenship, and the decades of waiting in limbo caused obstacles and hardship for my family.

    It shouldn’t be so hard. Creating a commonsense immigration process isn’t just a policy proposal. It’s real life for me, my parents and the 11 million brave aspiring citizens who come to this country because all people have rights, no matter what they look like or where they come from. Will you pledge to win a road map to citizenship for all of us?

    My mom always used to say that our family would become citizens “si Dios quiere,” or “if God wants.” My parents didn’t try to jump any line, or ask for anything other than a chance to work hard and make a better life for us. And I’ve worked hard as a student and as a worker in this country, doing everything I can to be eligible for citizenship status. I’m lucky my dream is almost a reality, but for millions of working families today, a roadmap to citizenship simply doesn’t exist.

    That’s why I need you to join in this fight. You probably know what it’s like to work hard and still have trouble getting ahead, or to pick up and move somewhere new to make your life better for your family. The promise of American isn’t just for some of us-- it’s for everyone, regardless of status, regardless of where your family is from, regardless of how long you’ve been here.

    I’m working to build a voice for all working families--regardless of their status--here at the AFL-CIO. I’m fighting for me, for my parents, and for every worker who believes that they should have a voice on the job and the ability to stand up to management and corporations who want to take away our rights as workers. And I’m proud to work for labor, which was built on the backs of immigrants.

    Sign your name to our pledge to win citizenship for all:

    In solidarity,

    Jennifer Angarita
    National Worker Center Coordinator, AFL-CIO
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