22 Mar 2016

Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is warning that radical Islam is a threat that “cannot be ignored,” following the shocking Islamic attacks that killed dozens of people in Brussels, Belgium.

Jeff Sessions, who chairs the Senate’s subcommittee on strategic forces and the subcommittee on immigration and the national interest, released a statement saying the attacks “confirmed the reality” that radical Islam is one of the world’s leading dangers.

“The entire world extends its sympathy to the people of Brussels who have suffered such terrible loss,” Sessions wrote. “Today’s attacks confirm the reality of the threat the Western world faces from radical Islam. It cannot be ignored. This threat must be confronted with clarity and resolve,” the Alabama Senator insisted.

Sessions pointed to the Muslim refugee crisis swamping Europe and threatening to hit the United States, thanks to the policies President Barack Obama wants to put in place.

“Clearly, the refugee and migration policies of Europe and the United States must be thoughtfully reconsidered,” Sessions wrote. “The United States Refugee Admissions Program must be significantly altered and all its components closely examined.”

Sessions went on to point out that allowing Muslims into the country indiscriminately is a recipe for disaster.

“It cannot be the policy of the United States that millions of foreign nationals are able to demand permanent entry into this country as refugees or asylees, particularly when our law enforcement and intelligence communities cannot adequately screen these individuals for security risks,” the Senator said.

“There must be limits,” Sessions added. “We know many terrorists have used and will use this process, and every other available method, to gain entry into our country. Indeed, at least 14 individuals admitted to the United States as refugees have been implicated in terrorism in the last year alone.”

Acknowledging people around the world have “desperate needs,” Sessions warned that “many bad actors seek to exploit human tragedy” by using the refugee crisis to bring terror to innocents around the world.

“Our primary goal must be to protect the American people,” Sessions said. He went on to suggest a solution to the problem.

"But we should use all reasonable efforts to help those in crisis by creating safe zones and providing aid close to their homes. This will allow those displaced to return home when the violence abates. The Europeans have requested the establishment of safe zones, but the United States continues to “study” the situation and has not taken sufficient action. This stalling must end. And countries throughout the region that have done little to accept those who have been displaced must do more."

"The sad truth is that the extreme and misguided refugee and immigration policies of Europe provide us with valuable insight. Europe has admitted migrants from areas with histories of terrorism in such large numbers that assimilation has failed. This has allowed radicalization to occur. The Brussels attacks underscore the risks that these failed policies have created."

Assuring the nation that the U.S. always reaches out to help those in need, Sessions said the “huge cost” and the “people’s safety” needs to be considered in government policy.

“Unless we change, the danger to the people of the United States will surely get worse,” Sessions wrote.

“Defeating this generational threat is the challenge of our time. It will not be easy or quick. Defeat of Al Qaeda or ISIS will not be the end. Experts tell us that this dangerous radicalization may last for decades. A strategy that is strong, relentless and realistic must be developed that can gain bipartisan support along with the support of our allies, within and without the region,” the Senator said.

“This is essential and doable,” Sessions concluded. “With such a well-considered strategy, we can defeat terrorism and further peace in the Middle East, Europe and the United States.”