Airport Threats Linked
Monday , September 10, 2007 Posted: 11:02 PM

Airport at 10

Police say series of threats at McAllen Miller International Airport are linked.

McAllen - Police say a series of threats over the past few weeks have all come from the same place in Mexico.

The most recent threat came in Monday afternoon. The caller said that there was a bomb in the airport, and in an incoming Continental Flight.

After a search of both the main terminal, and the air-craft and all of the passengers, police concluded the threat was just a hoax.

The first, was emailed in on August 22, then another threat was made Saturday, September 8th.

Each time, officials evacuate the building, and search every passenger and piece of luggage.

The FBI has been called in to investigate, along with Mexican authorities, since all three threats came from the same place in Mexico.

Investigators say once the suspect or suspects are caught, they will face serious charges. ... ts-Linked-