Al Qaeda Fighter’s Plot to Smuggle in Bush Assassins Shows How Our Southern-Border Chaos Entices Terrorists






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By Todd Bensman on April 13, 2023

An unlikely FBI counterterrorism case wrapping up in Ohio casts a bright and shining light on a gaping national-security hole in the southwest border as the greatest mass migration crisis in American history overwhelms its defenses.

The Ohio FBI field office last year busted a local Iraqi asylum seeker, former al Qaeda fighter Shihab Ahmed Shihab Shihab, in the midst of orchestrating a credible international plot to assassinate President George W. Bush in Texas using a remarkable tactic.

An Ohio federal judge just accepted Shihab’s guilty plea on charges he was going to smuggle at least four Iraqi nationals in over the southern border for the Bush assassination, court records show.

(Plea-deal papers showing all charges but one were dropped indicate Shihab is cooperating with US intelligence on overseas issues related to his plot.)

Lost in general media disinterest in terrorism cases that don’t involve white supremacists is that this FBI investigation exposed — in rare, multi-colored detail — that serious Islamic terrorist operatives outside the country see the overwhelmed southern border with Mexico as a breachable route into America.

Of course they do.

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