1 Feb 2017
Montgomery, AL

The governor of Alabama says his state will not support any sanctuary city policies that shield illegal immigrants from federal immigration law.

Gov. Robert Bentley (R) said in a statement that he supported President Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration, which withhold federal funds from sanctuary jurisdictions, saying the move was “necessary.”

“President Trump has already taken decisive and necessary action to enforce our nation’s immigration laws,” Bentley told “Alabama will not support sanctuary cities or institutions that harbor or shelter illegal immigrants, and are in clear violation of the laws of the nation.”

Bentley’s statement came just after the liberal-leaning Birmingham City Council passed a resolution calling themselves a “sanctuary city,” but did not actually enact policies to shield illegal immigrants.

The resolution stated that Birmingham would remain a “Sanctuary City that strives to a community free of hostilities and aggressions and uphold the commitment to be a community free of prejudice, bigotry and hate.”

If the Birmingham City Council enacts sanctuary policies in the future, it would do so at the risk of losing federal funds, as Trump’s executive order will cut taxpayer-funding to regions protecting illegal immigrants from deportation.