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Thread: Alien Children Still Crossing the Border at Crisis Levels

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    Alien Children Still Crossing the Border at Crisis Levels

    It seems several acts have been passed since Clinton, Bush. Obama admins that are being pulled out of the hat now to really fill the USA with invaders bypassing a legal immigration system. OPEN BORDERS, WELFARE STATE = DISASTER FOR THE USA.

    From FAIR USA - New data released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection reveal that, though media attention has died down, unaccompanied alien children (UACs) and parents with children continue to illegally pour across the border at crisis levels. During the first ten months of fiscal year 2015, border agents apprehended 30,862 UACs and 29,407 family units at the southern border. Although this rate is less than what border agents witnessed at the peak of the crisis during FY2014, apprehensions of UACs have only dipped to FY2013 levels.

    In comparison, before President Obama implemented his amnesty policies which allowed many illegal aliens with children to stay in 2011 and 2012, the rate of UACs illegally crossing the border per year was only 6,000. However, by 2013, the numbers of UACs crossing the border had increased more than five-fold to 34,000.

    Now, the main enforcement measure that the Obama Administration took to address the crisis, expanding family detention, has been dealt a serious blow. In late June, under pressure from open borders activists, the Administration undermined its own detention program by allowing family units that establish a "credible fear" of persecution to be released after posting a bond. Then, in July, a federal judge ruled that the Obama Administration's practice of detaining illegal alien minors, both UACs and those in family units, violates a 1997 Clinton Administration class action settlement agreement. Last Friday, the judge ordered that the minors must be released by Oct 23.

    Without detention, these illegal alien minors and family units tend to disappear into the interior. Last year, ICE disclosed that 70% of illegal alien families who illegally crossed the border failed to appear at required follow-up appointments with immigration agents 15 days after their release. As word gets out in Central American countries that even the deterrent of family detention has been ended, the numbers of minors crossing the border may well go back up to 2014 levels or higher.

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    Oh, what a shame, Congressman McCaul from Texas thought the $80 million we gave Mexico to secure THEIR border with Guatemala was paying off. OOPS!

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