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Thread: ALIPAC Pulls Trump Endorsement Over Real Time Immigration Decisions, DACA Amnesty!

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    ALIPAC Pulls Trump Endorsement Over Real Time Immigration Decisions, DACA Amnesty!

    ALIPAC Pulls Trump Endorsement Over Real Time Immigration Decisions, DACA Amnesty!

    Wayne Dupree 5 hours ago 379 Views

    May 2, 2017

    Americans For Legal Immigration PAC are pulling their endorsement of President Trump because of what Congress is not doing about illegal immigration.

    I am sure President Trump could bring them back to the table and talk to them and things will be ok down the road but this is on Congress. They are passing 1 trillion dollar spending package which also includes funding for Sanctuary cities according to Rep. Jim Jordan and Sen. Lindsey Graham.

    Source: ALIPAC website

    ALIPAC’s Open Letter Regarding Trump’s Lost Endorsement

    by William Gheen

    May 2, 1017

    We realize that today’s press release announcing that ALIPAC is dropping our endorsement of Donald Trump (VIEW RELEASE) is likely to cause much concern and disappointment among Americans like us who oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals. We hope that this open letter will help answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions.

    This is Not “Fake News”

    While we certainly understand that after the heavy barrage of false and misleading claims made against Donald Trump over the last two years by liberal groups, activists, and members of the media, most Trump supporters are rightfully skeptical of any claims that would be damaging to Trump. That is not the case with ALIPAC’s dropped endorsement, press release, or concerns.

    We are reporting on Trump’s real decisions and actions while in office, and these statements and deliberations are being made by Trump supporters and people who wanted Trump’s promises to be real. We strive to be highly accurate at ALIPAC even if we must deliver news you don’t want to hear or believe is true.
    We are not “liberals”

    While there are many liberals that support ALIPAC’s mission to save every American job, tax resource, and life we can from the perils of illegal immigration, we are not a “liberal” group. Many liberals in the media and politics are highly subjective and prone to making false and exaggerated claims on a regular basis. At ALIPAC, we pride ourselves on our adherence to the truth and it is through the power of truth that we have prevailed in many battles against those forcing illegal immigration upon us all.

    While Americans for Legal Immigration PAC prides ourselves on our support from Americans of all backgrounds, races, ages, and walks of life, the largest segment of our group’s supporters would be accurately described as conservatives, most vote Republican, and all are true American patriots.

    We represent an important part of Trump’s base of support that is leaving the “Trump Train” because of President Trump’s broken promises on his most important powerful issue: illegal immigration.

    Our organization ALIPAC will not support any elected official who violates the Constitution, their campaign promises, and their oath of office as Trump is doing by his continuation of DACA Amnesty, which Obama created out of thin air with memos,” said Gheen. “Trump promised to end DACA on his first day with a simple memo canceling Obama’s illegal directives. This was the most important thing Trump could have done to restore Constitutional governance in America, but instead he is choosing the path of dictatorship Obama did.”

    There is more at their website and it’s powerfully worded. As I stated before, President Trump has so much time to fix this but it needs to be fixed. Like they said, they are not liberals, they are Trumpsters who thought they would be heard.

    What do you think about this unendorsement? What will President Trump do? What would you do?

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    The Republicans have control but they have no teeth to get things done. They have become very complacent. Ryan lost his way and has become a typical career politician. Take the easiest way.
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