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    ALIPAC: Texas Democrats assail Romney for immigration attack

    Texas Democrats assail Romney for immigration attacks

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    Texas Democrats assail Romney for immigration attacks
    AText Size By TODD J. GILLMAN
    Washington Bureau
    Published: 23 November 2011 07:32 PM
    RelatedWASHINGTON — A day after Mitt Romney attacked Newt Gingrich for demanding a “humane
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    Re: ALIPAC: Texas Democrats assail Romney for immigration at

    [quote]“It’s ridiculous. For Mitt Romney, who has stated he is for amnesty, to accuse anyone of anything like that, when the governor has the strongest record on border security of anyone on that stage, is just ridiculous.
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    In 2007 Romney did say almost word for word what Newt said the other night. I would think the Dems need to actually read Newts plan. It is not as easy as they think and seems to have some provisions many will not be able to meet.

    10 Steps to a Legal Nation

    America must be a nation of laws.

    Everyone in the United States should be here legally.

    America also is a land of immigrants, and our lives, economy, and history have been enriched by immigration.

    There has to be a robust and attractive program of legal immigration. There are major positive economic and social benefits to streamlining and simplifying our convoluted, broken visa process.

    At the core of being American is a thorough understanding of American exceptionalism. We are a nation not defined by place or ethnic heritage, but by the collective understanding that we are “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." It is precisely these rights, freedoms and opportunities that have drawn ambitious, risk-seeking immigrants to our shores for four centuries.

    It is essential that every native-born American and every immigrant learn about this exceptional heritage and our exceptional history.

    Three Principles

    1. No “comprehensive

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    "condescending" All to common with these jackasses, they know everything, fix nothing, and blame every one else. Call us names for Demanding our laws Enforced and Upholding the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    No "condescending" candidate will ever get my support or respect.
    Do onto others brother and sisters!
    Then again I'll vote for a BIG bird turd other than obama getting another four years........Or just maybe.........
    Just jam a sharp stick in my eye.
    NO MORE BIG GOVERNMENT RINO's or dem. other traitors to American Brilliance and Prosperity!

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