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    Almenderez-Ulloa pleads guilty in Flores murder

    Almenderez-Ulloa pleads guilty in Flores murder

    By GREG KAYLOR Banner Staff Writer

    Published September 12, 2007 10:23 AM EDT

    The language barrier was no obstacle Tuesday when one of three defendants in a Polk County murder trial pleaded guilty in Polk County Criminal Court before Judge Amy Reedy.

    Edwin Daniel Almenderez-Ulloa pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and second-degree robbery in the death of Jaun Angel Moya Flores in August 2006. Flores’ body was found inside a burned car.

    Almenderez-Ulloa was confirmed by Department of Homeland Security and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to have ties to the reputed gang, Mara Savatrucha, or MS-13, according to court documents. Polk County Sheriff Bill Davis provided extra security for the court during the proceedings.

    Cesar O’Hara Oritz and Miklin Rosales face a later trial date for their alleged involvement in the homicide.

    A jury was selected Tuesday morning and the trial for Almenderez-Ulloa got under way.

    After opening statements, Tennessee Bureau of Investigations Agent Barry Brakebill was called as the first witness.

    After his testimony for the State of Tennessee, Judge Reedy recessed the jury for lunch.

    After returning to the courtroom, Almenderez-Ulloa reportedly decided to enter a plea to the court. He faced a first-degree murder charge, felony murder and especially aggravated robbery.

    Judge Reedy was careful to make sure Almenderez-Ulloa understood his plea and any rights he had to enter the plea and waiver of the appeals processThis was done through a methodical process involving an interpreter.

    John Williams, assistant district attorney general for the 10th Judicial District, was asked by Judge Reedy to explain the findings of the Cleveland Police Department and TBI.

    According to accounts, Williams said Flores’ burning vehicle was found on a remote service road in the Cherokee National Forest on Aug. 7, 2006.

    Flores was determined to be an employee of the Athenian Grill. His body was badly burned and through Mitochondrial DNA analysis, officials were able to confirm his identity.

    Williams said the agency’s investigation led to an apartment where four individuals lived. Further investigation revealed the evening of the homicide, Rosales allegedly received a phone call from Almenderez-Ulloa wanting him to drive a car.

    After driving a while, a noise was reportedly heard in the rear of the vehicle.

    At that point, Rosales discovered the victim in the trunk of the car.

    Williams said the incident actually began in Cleveland where Flores lost consciousness during a struggle with Almenderez-Ulloa.

    Flores was thought to be dead, according to Williams.

    After arriving in the Polk County mountains, Almenderez-Ulloa repeatedly stabbed Flores then removed his shirt, stuffed it into the vehicle’s fuel tank and lit it on fire, according to Williams.

    Both Oritz and Rosales “indicated that the defendant was the main player in the homicide,

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    Illegal immigrant pleads guilty in burned body slaying

    Wednesday, September 12, 2007 -

    By Ryan Harris
    Staff Writer

    BENTON, Tenn. -- A Honduran national pleaded guilty Tuesday in Polk County Criminal Court, halting his murder trial in the death of a man who was stabbed and stuffed in the trunk of a car that was set on fire in the Cherokee National Forest.

    Edwin Daniel Almenderez, 20, accepted a plea of guilty to second-degree murder and especially aggravated robbery, each of which carry a sentence of 15 to 25 years, said John Williams, assistant district attorney in the 10th Judicial District.

    The sentences, which will be handed down Jan. 28, will run concurrently, Mr. Williams said.

    Mr. Almenderez, a native of Honduras who was living illegally in Cleveland, Tenn., will be deported at the conclusion of his sentence, officials said.

    Mr. Almenderez had faced a life sentence if convicted on the charge of first-degree murder.

    "We feel as if this is some sense of justice today for what happened," Mr. Johnson said.

    Two other suspects in the murder case, Cesar O'Hara Ortiz, 26, and Miaklin Alfredo Rosales Paredes, 18, await hearings.

    Prosecutors described Almenderez as the ringleader in the robbery and slaying of Juan Angel Moya Flores, 34, an illegal immigrant and restaurant worker living in Cleveland, Tenn.

    In opening statements Tuesday, prosecutors said Mr. Almenderez forced himself into Mr. Flores' apartment to collect money, then choked the victim with a shirt.

    Then he and two accomplices drove to a remote location in Polk County, stabbed Mr. Flores repeatedly, and with his body in the trunk of a Toyota Camry, set the car on fire.

    Visitors to the Cherokee National Forest spotted the burning car on Aug. 7, 2006.

    Defense Attorney James Logan said the plea deal was "a shocking turn of events" in a trial expected to carry on until at least Thursday. He said Mr. Almenderez, as well as state prosecutors, "were each confronted with the reality of jury verdicts."

    "If Mr. Almenderez had been found guilty of first-degree murder, he would have been required under our law to serve a life sentence," Mr. Logan said. "At age 20, that is for certain a daunting prospect."

    Mr. Almenderez was also faced with questions regarding his affiliation with the violent MS-13, or Mara Salvatrucha, gang.

    Criminal Court Judge Amy Armstrong Reedy ruled Tuesday morning that the gang affiliation had no relevance to the case and it could not be presented to a jury, despite "clear and convincing proof of gang association and activity."

    E-mail Ryan Harris at

    Chattanooga Times Free Press

    (quote) Illegal immigrant pleads guilty in burned body slayingemplates/local.aspx?articleid=21364&zoneid=77

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    I hope this doesn't get me in too much trouble; but, why can't we just shoot the "ba***rd", huh, convicted invader and be done with it? It would cost the American tax payers alot less of their earnings to do so. I'm really getting sick of these inhuman-acting illegals torturing, killing and such in our country. I hope God will bless America when the time comes!
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