Topic: Immigration
America Overrun: The Illegal Invasion of the United States

America is being invaded, here and now, as we speak, by millions of illegal aliens who pour over our porous Southern border with Mexico.
by Alexander Massa
Saturday, December 5, 2009
The United States is being invaded, here and now, as we speak. This invasion has been going on for decades; illegal aliens have been illegally entering the United States for some time now. And yet, our politicians refuse to do anything about it, seemingly because they fear a backlash from Hispanic voters. The case of illegal immigration is a classic case of politicians putting votes and their own self-interests above national security and the Constitution itself.
President George W. Bush defended his lenient stance on illegal immigration by saying that he was "from Texas" (since when does that mean you have to support illegal immigration?) and that he understood them because he lived around them. His statements on the issue seemed to be intentionally vague, as to confuse voters and not make it look like he supported the illegal invaders when he actually did. However, President Bush isn't the only offender. No, he is but one of a myriad of politicians who have disgraced these United States by subjugating our national security in order to garner votes from Hispanics and others who are sympathetic to the invaders.

If our elected leaders continue to look the other way on this vital issue of national security, the country itself may indeed collapse. Our ailing systems, whether they be health care or infrastructure, simply cannot handle this massive influx of people. Already, hospitals across the Southwest have gone bankrupt because illegal aliens show up at emergency rooms looking for care, but not intending to pay for it. We used to have immigration quotas in the past so that these types of things wouldn't be a problem, but now we have thousands of people streaming across our porous border, and the government has no control over who comes here and how many come here.

Our economy also suffers as a result of the illegal invasion, and therefore, by extension, the American worker and his family. While greedy businessmen hail the immigrants' willingness to work for next to nothing, Americans are losing their jobs. After all, why hire an American who demands fair pay when you can hire an illegal Guatemalan who demands nothing? The supporters of the illegal immigrants respond to this by saying "the jobs these people take are the jobs Americans simply won't do, so it doesn't really matter".

Since when were there a class of jobs that Americans simply would not do? Americans take some of the filthiest (and also most essential) jobs there are. Americans are garbagemen, fruit pickers, sewage workers, janitors, maids, and other things. Yet, illegal aliens keep taking these jobs and displacing Americans who once had them. This has nothing to do with Americans' work ethic. It all boils down to money - businessmen who value profit more than they do patriotism will see no problem in hiring an illegal immigrant if it saves them money. That is the problem - it has nothing to do with our workers' disdain for certain jobs.

Swift and immediate action needs to be taken to stem the tide of illegal aliens pouring into the United States. First and foremost, we need to build the border wall/fence. The same fence, by the way, which is already supposed to be built, but instead is being erected at less than a snail's pace. We also need to put into place stricter penalties for employers who are caught knowingly employing illegal aliens. The third, and most vital step, is to return the millions of illegal immigrants already here to their home countries.

I know I will draw sharp criticism for supporting mass deportations, but that is was is just and what should be done. It would certainly be a massive undertaking, but it is something that is well overdue and should've happened years ago (It actually happened once before, as part of the badly named "Operation Wetback"). For if we do not deport the parasitic illegal population living under the radar in the United States, we only have two choices: either ignore them and continue to turn the other way, or grant them all citizenship.

While it would probably be much easier to just give citizenships away, it is not the right thing to do. First of all, it would make our national government appear weak, because it would look like we cannot enforce our laws and are just giving up because we don't want to have to deal with getting rid of them. This would only increase illegal immigration, because the propsective migrants would no longer fear getting caught. They may be punished by a slap on the wrist, but if they know they'll eventually get their citizenship, they, in all likelihood, wouldn't care.

Second of all, if we granted all illegals amnesty, it would be a major disservice to those who went through all the trouble of actually coming here legally. They would feel angry, and rightly so, because they had to do all the paperwork associated with legal immigration essentially for nothing. They could've just as easily snuck across the border under the cover of darnkess, and they would've ended up with the same end result.

Therefore, we must take it upon ourselves as a nation to kick out those who do not belong here and kick out the politicians who support them. This is America, and while we are a nation of immigrants, it must be kept in mind that we are a nation of legal immigrants. Aliens and immigrants are not the same thing, and unless the "one world no borders" types learn this, we will continue to have this problem. Only when people recognize the threat posed by illegal immigration will they stand up and act.