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    The American Flag - Our National Symbol

    The American Flag - Our National Symbol
    May 27, 2007 01:00 PM EST

    by Bill Gray

    Yesterday evening, as I was driving home from my daughter, Lana's, home, I decided to take the more relaxing surface road rather than get on the freeway. Not far from her home is a school. As I drove past, the flags caught my eye --- a California flag waving in the breeze, with an American flag flying above it. This made me proud; but, it also made me think.

    I remembered the times during the Vietnam war when protestors burned and desecrated the American flag.

    I recalled last year when a group of high school students, protesting for immigration and for amnesty for the twelve million illegals who are living in America, desecrated the American flag. They went to a neighboring high school in Montebello, California, took down the American flag, turned it upside down and put a Mexican flag above it.

    In Maywood, California, a group of protestors went to the post office, took down the American flag and stomped on it. Then they raise a Mexican flag on the flagpole of a United States Post Office. For a long time, Maywood police just watched. When they finally decided to remove the Mexican flag and replace the American flag, they were attacked with rocks and bottles. Did we read of any of those people who desecrated the American flag and who attacked the police being arrested and prosecuted? No. Should any of those people be given amnesty? Are you kidding?

    For a full day, the Mexican flag flew above an American Post Office. Quite frankly, I do believe that city or federal officials in Maywood could have removed the Mexican flag and corrected the American flag if they had been willing.

    You can read about this at: ... E_ID=51746

    Personally, I believe that anyone, yes ANYONE, who desecrates or disgraces the American flag on American soil --- should be incarcerated and prosecuted to the fullest extreme --- for treason if they are American citizens, for sabotage and terrorism if they are legal or illegal aliens.

    I know that some will say that I am worshipping the American flag instead of God. No, not at all. I am honoring the American flag because it is a symbol of my homeland. I praise God that I was born an American; I praise God that I grew up in America; I praise God that I still live in America and that my children and grandchildren, who are of Filipino ancestry, are Americans and live in America.

    When anyone desecrates or disgraces the American flag --- that is an attack against America. Those persons should be prosecuted just as severely as someone who attacks or tries to attack an American embassy, an American government facility, or the White House. These are all symbols of America.

    If someone attacked, desecrated, or disgraced your mother, your sister, your wife, your child, your grandchild --- would you demand they be prosecuted? Yes, you would --- and the same applies to our homeland, America.

    I grew up respecting and honoring America, our flag, and our president. I may not always like what our president does. Quite frankly, I disagree with President Bush on his Immigration and Amnesty plan. I do not believe we should reward anyone for breaking the laws of America. However, even though I disagree with President Bush on this issue --- I still respect him as President of the United States.

    In 1950, during the Korean War. Yes, I know the politicians called it a Police Action. But, it was a war. Anyway, during the Korean War, General MacArthur was very arrogant and disrespectful to President Truman. Truman told him in no uncertain terms, "You may not like me. But you will damn well respect the office of the President of the United States."

    Like President Truman, I say, "You might not like our president; you might not like our flag; you might not like our country. But, if you are going to be living, or even visiting, in America, you damn well better show them respect!"

    Many will assume that I say this because I have always supported President Bush. Yes, I voted for him twice. But, do I agree with everything he has done or is doing? No. I do agree with his policy on terrorism; I do believe that this policy has prevented terrorist attacks in America since 2001.

    I do not agree with him on his stand on immigration and amnesty. I do not agree with anything which will lessen or damage American sovereignty. I believe we should not only have border fences --- but, I believe they should be twenty foot high. However, there should be a gate by which legal immigration can be facilitated.

    And, yes, I would show respect for a president of the United States, even if I did not vote for him or her. Yes, even if, God forbid, Hillary ever were to be elected as president --- I would still respect the office. I would have little use for her; but, I would respect the office --- just as President Harry Truman declared.

    Before I close, let me just touch on one last issue. I know that many Christian Friends will be saying, "Bill, shame on you. That is not a Christian attitude." Personally, I believe it is. I believe that we, as Christian, above all --- should respect our country, our flag, our president. And, we should hold all who are living in, or visiting, America to the same standards. As I have said before, if all Christians stay out of politics and leave all the law making and governing of America in the hands of the liberals and secularists --- that would be analogous to locking the hen house door after the fox has entered.

    America cannot survive without Christian influence in our government --- at all levels. It is my sincere opinion that Dr. Jerry Falwell did all Americans a great service by enlisting and encouraging Christians to become involved in the politics of America. Let us work hard to carry on that tradition --- and to improve upon it.

    I am a Christian; I am an American. Praise the Lord, I am a Christian American --- by the grace of God.

    Please share this message with your Friends, Relatives, Associates, and Neighbors --- all your FRANs. Let us continue the work begun by Dr. Jerry Falwell in enlisting, encouraging, and pushing if need be --- to get more Christians involved in the governing of our communities, our cities, our states, and our nation.

    God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    God Bless America
    Land Of the Free
    Home Of the Brave

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    Quote Originally Posted by GREGAGREATAMERICAN
    God Bless America
    Land Of the Free
    Home Of the Brave
    I love the American flag and America too!
    <div>GOD - FAMILY - COUNTRY</div>

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