September 01, 2005

National Data, By Edwin S. Rubenstein
Census Bureau: American Living Standards Now Seriously Impacted By Immigration

Most Americans are worse off today than at the start of the millennium. Median household income declined for an unprecedented fifth straight year in 2004, the poverty rate rose, and health insurance coverage declined, according to the Census Bureau’s latest report card on the nation’s economic well-being released on August 30th.

The union-funded Economic Policy Institute offers the conventional explanation:

"The main factor explaining this significant ongoing decline in household income appears to be ongoing weakness in the job market, especially regarding real annual earnings, which fell significantly for both men (-2.3 percent) and women (-1.0 percent)…"


"Although the job market expanded consistently in 2004....the addition was not faster than the growth in households and not enough to absorb the labor market slack left over from the longest jobless recovery on record."

But the question, of course, is: why this "growth in households" etc.? The answer leads us to the unmentionable factor exacerbating many unfortunate contemporary trends: immigration.

Needless to say, you will not find this question or answer in the Main Stream Mediaâ€